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  1. Under bidder to you on that one. Glad it went your way after a four year search! Hope I don't have to wait that long for another copy though...
  2. Cool. I no longer have a copy of 12, but I believe below are the stories in that issue, which total 56 pages. Not inclusive of the cover of course. For what it's worth I also think GCD and Keltner may be incorrect on the page count. GCD's own index totals up to 55 interior pages! 18 page Cap 7 page Destroyer 1 page Sentinels of Liberty 8 page Jap Buster Jones 2 page Decision by proxy 5 page Jeep Jones 7 page Sgt Dix 7 page Whizzer 1 page ad Total of 56 pages.
  3. How many pages to the centerfold on your copy?
  4. USA 12 has 56 interior pages, not counting the cover. It's one of those war time issues where they use 4 half pages if I remember correctly. Sounds like your copy might be missing the centerfold.
  5. With today's prices, having one Church Fox is quite the accomplishment. Particularly an early 9.4 Mystery Men! Well done good sir!!
  6. Wonderful pair of funny books! MM 26 is one of my favorite Timelys as well. Mr Bedrock has a beautiful recreation of the cover that he shared at a geekfest many moons ago. I fell in love with the cover thanks to that recreation. Here's my raw copy, with a killer back cover house ad too!
  7. Great story RM! Reading an original Action 1, what a treat! I love hearing stories from the early days of collecting, particularly when the GA comics were in raw stacks and started at issue number one!!