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  1. Captain America Comics 14 CGC 7.5 Qualified cr/ow $2250.00 Label says: 3rd wrap married
  2. Avengers 4 CGC 4.0 cr/ow $925.00
  3. Prices lowered on remaining comics. I'm also adding two books I just got back from cgc.
  4. Nice sale,Jimmy. And congrats to the buyer. One of the coolest Caps imho.
  5. One I've managed to hold on to. A big thanks goes out to Bedrock for helping me reacquire this particular copy.
  6. Beautiful group shot. Anyone remember when these issues were affordable? I bought a solid mid grade unrestored 15 for well under a grand once upon a time.
  7. Incredible run,Rick. Sorry they're gone, but at least you had and enjoyed them for the time you did!