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  1. Yes I think this helps a lot. I have read about pressing some and was curious about the process. Is this something you do yourself or is it part of the service that CGC offers?
  2. I have seen the cgc grade distribution but you are exactly right. Those are the comics collectors deemed worthy of grading. I am curious about the remaining distribution. I have seen many comics that sellers claim to be 9.6 or 9.8 but when I look at them I see many visible flaws and some of them don't even look as good as some 8.5s I've seen graded. I am interested in many modern era comics (from early 90s) and want mostly graded comics for display purposes. I have many digital copies of these comics if I wanted to read them (legit digital copies).
  3. I am really interested in buying graded comics, however I have noticed on many of them there are significant price bumps even when graded in the 9.4 range. I am certainly not an expert at grading but from reading some of these forums it sounds like comics that grade at a 9.4 will have some visible defects which begs to ask if I buy a raw comic, what is the likelihood that if I got it graded it would grade at 9.4 or better? I guess to better put what I am asking is what do you all think the distribution of grades would be for ungraded comics? I have always held the mentality that if the raw