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  1. Does anyone know if the normal discounts apply for this? (dealer discount)
  2. I sold one exactly like this on Ebay 10+ years ago. I wonder if it's the same one...I can't imagine there are that many like this of that exact issue..
  3. I'm lending towards mislabel too, but it's definitely a 45/55 situation. How many of the actual royal blue's do you think there are? It's been on my radar for about 20 years, and I haven't run across one. I've got a stack of the aqua's. For context in that same time period I have ran across 3 Batman/Grendel silvers, hundreds of 35 cent variants, every whitman, every VVSS etc etc ect, and never one of these royal blue Vampi's. It's definitely on a short list of books I haven't ever had the opportunity to own.
  4. I vote that we all send in a request for this specific line: "First Tim Hunter/what Harry Potter blatantly ripped off"
  5. His comprehension skills are severely lacking. I'm done talking to him, and playing games with his precious heart.
  6. It is. That's why I'm content with how much I sell. It's probably not the best method for buying art. It takes a lot of patience, but occasionally it works out. My only real point here is that my reasoning for having "offers" on pieces is different than what you are assuming has to be the only reason.
  7. I've literally explained my reasoning on "taking offers" twice now. When I do become motivated to sell something with the "offers" tag that's when the offers come into play. Then I'm ready to sell. Not now. In the future.
  8. I put up the taking offers tag for the reasons stated above. I don't get upset over it when someone doesn't make an offer or offers something that I think is way lower than I value it at. I just don't bother negotiating. If someone offers me $200 for something I paid $2000 for a few months ago, I just don't respond. If someone offers me $2500 on something I bought a few months ago, I make a mental note of it, and let them know I'll contact if I want to sell at their offered price. If I decide I want to sell it I contact them. Negotiating on art can be a giant waste of time in my experience. If it was as simple as a few messages over an hour it might be different, but it's not been that in my experience. If everyone honored their word on the internet I'd have sold way more through CAF. As it stands, the way that I have been doing it is the only way to weed out the time wasters. Since I'm not trying to sell most of it anyway, this is the way I will continue to operate.
  9. In response to PhilipB2k: The name on my gallery is Justin Manis. Add me to your do not buy list. The first couple of years on CAF I spent way too much time going back and forth with people. I also had a lot of time wasted with people who agreed to a deal only to ghost. I even had a guy try to trade my art to another guy without even owning it and wouldn't stop pestering me with lowballs to acquire it. I'm not playing games and I'm not rude to people. If I was more motivated to sell I wouldn't operate this way. I would just price everything and that would be that. I buy and sell comics for a living. I've been doing that for 25 years. I'm a motivated seller, and I operate that completely different. I'm more of a collector when it comes to art, so I generally only sell things when I get something that makes the original redundant to me, or if I just get no joy from owning it anymore. A handful of times each year, when I go back through my offers on something I have deemed expendable, the guys I contact that made offers are usually overjoyed that I've decided to sell. I'm not playing games, and I know the market pretty well. I've dealt with a lot of guys who aren't all that motivated to sell the pieces that they personally love. Sometimes it takes years to get something I really want. It does happen sometimes though.
  10. I have several pieces in my CAF with "Offers" on them. I get messages fairly often with people asking me what I'm looking to get. I'm looking to get offers. Most times I get no response to this. I'm ok with that because I'm not a motivated seller. Sometimes I get what I consider lowball offers back in response. I don't bother responding after that at all. Sometimes I get a decent offer and I let the person know that i will consider it/keep it mind when I'm motivated to sell, and when I get tired of something or get something similar that I like better, I'll contact the person who made the offer and ask if they are still interested at their offer price. Most times they are. I only sell a few pieces a year this way, but it's what works for me. Sometimes (slightly off topic) I get offers on a few pieces, and go back and forth with some maroon about when they can pay for over a month, finally give up on them, and decide to add them to the stack I send Comiclink a couple of times a year when I purge stuff I don't care about. Then sometimes the pieces sell at comiclink auction for over double what I had accepted from mr maroon waste my time face. Ok, this happened once. This year. Accepted offer price from Mr Maroon? $700. Clink hammer price? $1650. Thank you Mr Maroon for being a deadbeat dummy. Also, if Mr maroon is reading this, thanks for not honoring your agreement to pay for the Brunner Dr Strange and Bachalo DD pg. That extra $900 was pretty sweet and you are a dummy. Anyway, back to the point a bit, I'd say don't bother lowballing. You might get ignored. Give your best offer and stay there. If they come back with something even slightly higher, let them know that that really was your top offer and that you are willing to honor it for X amount of time. You might end up getting it for your desired price, or you might not. Move on to something else after the amount of time you've allotted has expired. I've bought a lot of art this way with people who want blind offers.
  11. Awesome update! For Archie 645 do you mean the Betty and Veronica bikini variant? I absolutely love this cover, and own the original art for it.
  12. There are a few Turok's. I'll get a group photo up when I get back next week. There were also over 100 Image Newsstands and 50 or so Archie's. They came from a former drug store owner who never put them on the shelf, or the dreaded spinner rack.
  13. Thread resurrection! I found 50+ Valiant newsstands, and most are pretty high grade. That is all.