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  1. Got a small stack of sketch covers. The initials read simply "JR" Anyone have any clue? They're pretty decent IMO, but I'd really like to know who this guy is.. Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. Thanks! I was a little shocked when I won it. I figured it would go for 30-50% more than it hammered. I also loved Gen 13 and Danger Girl, so this checked a couple of boxes for me. Thinking I might get a print made (or buy one if he already made them) and frame together. The colors on the book cover pop.
  3. I was close on that Jim Lee X-men pg, and 2nd bidder on several other pages, but I did walk away with this cover for what I thought was a good price.
  4. Not really a big story. I bought original art for 4 Superman daily strips(from 1941!) from a friend of mine, and I bought about 600 books too. We both knew what this was, so it was factored in. You could say though that I paid nothing for it considering everything else, or you could say I paid thousands of dollars for it. I like the price I paid for the art, so I'm going to say this was free.
  5. Yeah, if the final hammer is about the same, you have no real incentive to send to Heritage. I'd definitely go Clink. What gets me with Heritage is that after the seller gets a bite out of him, the buyer gets a chunk added, then you have tax and overpriced shipping. THEN...just to stick it in one last time they have their card payment fee. I usually can't stomach it, so I pay a fee free way, but Jeebus. You start doing the math, and that extra payment fee at the end just pushes the % over the edge.
  6. We may be in the minority, but I'm with you. I spend probably 50k on any given year with C-link auctions. I rarely bid on Heritage. Also, Heritage rapes on fees on both ends. When I do bid on HA I take that into account, and I'm sure others do too. At the end of the day selling art on Clink vs Heritage isn't as lopsided as the figures suggest when you take into account the giant bite Heritage takes vs Clink's nibble.
  7. You guys don't have a TikTok? I'm sticking to girls then.
  8. I get it. Secrets...We all know you piled up Hulk 181's from the $1 box
  9. Love it. Any way you could show the books you bought from each spot as you go?
  10. I don't think I've ever seen a personal's ad here before. I'm 15. I've only ever been into girls but willing to go full gay for the right pages/covers. Hmu on TikTok.