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  1. Real Elijah Snow

    New here and Kickstarter Question.

    Who would win in a fight between Aunt May and Colossus?
  2. Real Elijah Snow

    Local Comic Shops (+)

    For your first question, spend $. When I was a heavy reader in the mid 90's I had a pull at a shop where I probably dropped an average of $150 a month. This equated to a 70+ book a month pull. Not insane, but a decent amount. I would also go through and "read" through a pile of other stuff while I was at the shop. Mostly I'd flip through a bunch that I was curious about. Sometimes I'd read the first 4-5 pages and decide I wanted to read it on the couch with my other books so it would go in my pile. Sometimes I'd get bored by the book, so it would go back on the shelf. As long as you're not just at a shop to read a bunch of new stuff for free, you shouldn't have any problems with a store owner, unless he's a total tool. 2nd question: You can learn all kinds of stuff from the internet. This chat board, as well as many others has tons of information. However, the most learning you'll ever do is when you read the comics themselves. You'll retain way more information if you're passionate about what you're reading. Being a "genius" in regards to the MCU isn't an impressive feat. I'd say there are probably hundreds (thousands?) of posters on this site alone that could boast that same thing if it were even slightly impressive. Read comics. Read the Overstreet (even if it is hopelessly outdated on most pricing and has been for as long as I can remember) It still provides some interesting information in regards to the market through the market reports. Find stuff you like in regards to comics, and you'll enjoy learning more about them as far as first apps etc go. This board is a wealth of information. Go back and read the super long threads. Most of them are long for a reason, as they are insightful and entertaining.
  3. That's Dan Fraga and it's a character from Black Flag.
  4. Real Elijah Snow

    New Fantastic Four #1

    It's all case by case obviously, but I know plenty of guys who get a few hundred dollars a page that have been in the business for years.
  5. Real Elijah Snow

    New Fantastic Four #1

    If you're talking "average" you are super high on your rate per penciled page by multiples.
  6. Real Elijah Snow

    Diamond account - dumb idea?

    I opened one for you. Can you send the $500 to this Nigerian prince that is promising me a million dollars? I'll send you back $1000. Win-win.
  7. Real Elijah Snow

    Need help identifying 4 pieces

    AWESOME! That's got to be from the same story. The only weird thing is that the pages from HA look way less detailed. The back of mine says "Joe Sinnott inks" and it seems to be a way more finished version of those pages. In any event, thanks so much for posting. Very helpful.
  8. Real Elijah Snow

    Nightmare situation with eBayer / PGX

  9. Real Elijah Snow

    Need help identifying 4 pieces

    A buddy of mine said the same thing..I can kind of see it...
  10. Real Elijah Snow

    Any Godzilla fans? Help identifying...

    Thanks guys! Most helpful.
  11. Real Elijah Snow

    Need help identifying 4 pieces

    Haha! Yeah, hit the post without adding pics on accident. That "creepy/eerie" page is signed by Poe De Leon at the bottom btw.
  12. Real Elijah Snow

    Need help identifying 4 pieces

    So, the second 2 I have no idea. That one panel almost looks like the way Andy kubert drew background faces that he didn't put much time into. None of the rest of these 2 pages says AK to me, but maybe he inked? They're both 80s-90s. Outside of that, no clue. The Spidey page came from Jose Delbo. Inks by Joe Sinnott. At first I thought maybe Spider-Man and his Amazing friends #1 because of Firestar, but it's not that. Also, her inclusion means it's not Spidey Super Stories since I believe that series only had 2 issues after she first appeared, and I don't think Doc Ock was in those 2 issues...Jose said something about a children's story, but even he couldn't remember. Last one I've been told is possibly from an issue of Creepy or Eerie, but not sure. Any help or pointing in the right direction appreciated.
  13. Real Elijah Snow

    Any Godzilla fans? Help identifying...

    They were just part of a big Godzilla collection I got last year. Slowly working my way through the end of it. Pics of the backs:
  14. Real Elijah Snow

    Any Godzilla fans? Help identifying...

    Ah. Then I REALLY don't know Chinese . I guess I assumed Godzilla = Japanese. I'm hoping to avoid opening them up as I have no interest in keeping them and would rather advertise as unopened when i do sell them. Anyone think they will work in a regular dvd player?
  15. Real Elijah Snow

    Any Godzilla fans? Help identifying...

    I was mostly kidding about the laser disc thing. They're about the size of a CD case.