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  1. If I were still setting up at 10-15 shows a year I might try some shenanigans like that. These days I only do a few a year, and I price stuff to get gone. I had a Surfer #50 that was missing the foil on the "Silver" part of the title. I put $100 on it, my dealer friends were all "yeah, right.." and BOOM 10 short little shows later some guy couldn't give me a Franklin fast enough.
  2. Went through a stack of about 20 copies of Spawn 1 getting ready for the Atlanta comic con coming up next month, and noticed on the inside front cover of one that the Spawn logo is all jacked up. I just figured some dumbo took a marker to it. Then I went through the rest and found 5 more identical to it. It's not marker, it was printed this way. I'd imagine it's common due to 25% of this little stack, but it's something I've never noticed before. Anyone else seen/have one?
  3. My all time favorite WW cover. Bolland's prelims are so detailed they look pretty close to the finished product.
  4. I've sold 2-3 copies of each of the first 13 issues for $50-$100 over the last couple of years. Those early issues had tiny print runs. Think basically the Walking Dead numbers had it not taken off..lower even. This is off the top of my head, but I think most everything under #15 has a sub 10k print run. I want to say the #'s I was hearing were like 6-7k copies for some of them. There are plenty of keys in the series (by the modern definition). They haven't really been cited much, but the series is full of 1st appearances. The Invincible gets raped issue could also count as key. The issue where Invincible fights his father is cited pretty as often as being key. Invincible going into space and living on another planet is pretty key for the series as the last big part of the book is all about that. These days the term "key" has gotten pretty broad in it's definition.
  5. I'm no Transformers expert, but I've been buying some lately. Sealed??? Sealed with a Bumblebee inside? What craziness is this?
  6. Thanks! You should be the one congratulated though. Those covers are the nuclear bomb to my smoke grenade.
  7. Just noticed this post...There were a couple of non digital pages drawn for this series. I own one. If I remember correctly, I was told the last 3 pages were hand drawn.
  8. How does this guy still have 100% feedback??
  9. NICE! You totally called it on these. Glad you got the grades!
  10. I'm just going to opt out, so I guess it doesn't matter. Thanks for the insight though
  11. I agree with this. I consign A LOT with MCS. I don't want to jump through hoops to justify my pricing. I wouldn't ever price anything like that sweet restored Spidey, but I do price some things well above current market. In this market it only makes sense on certain things. I've set GPA records on plenty of books that at the time of pricing may have seemed outrageous. Books go from being $20 to $200 overnight these days though. Non key stuff I usually try to be the cheapest available unless that price would have me losing $. As far as best offer goes, I am against it. I'm not interested in getting offers of $175 on my items priced at $200 when that book would sell for $200 without a best offer option. I price the majority of my stuff to be competitive with current pricing. I'd rather not bump things up that I don't feel deserve it just to haggle and end at the same price. I don't want unnecessary steps to end at the same result. A lot of people that sell on Ebay loath the best offer option for this reasoning and more.
  12. Looking at his feedback he cancelled this same listing on someone that won it for $26...Hope you get it!