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  1. All parts accounted for. Ready to be put together and painted. $250 shipped for both. If outside US you pay $50 for shipping. Paypal/checks/MO Boxes aren't perfect, but I've definitely seen worse with these. Payment due by Thursday evening.
  2. NO online art auctions are "under the radar" right now.
  3. Doesn't he usually do these on the black margins? I assume you wouldn't ask for him to do that in the middle of the cover...
  4. Been grabbing these for years. Time to move these onto someone else. Some of these things are pretty rare, and a lot of them I wouldn't even believe exist if I didn't have them myself Not breaking up the lot, so please don't ask for individual books. There are multiples of some of them, but no real duplication. You can see what's here in the pics...Condition wise, most of these aren't going to win any beauty contests. If you collect these, you know how these were handled back in the day, and a lot of them were saved from cheap boxes after that, so...don't be expecting any 9.8's. It's s
  5. All three add up to $880, but take all 3 lots for $660 since that will make things easier on me. That's 185+ books!
  6. These are not your typical overstock type trades that you see in bargain bins at shows. Lots of older and harder to find ones. I went through my bookshelf/inventory and just put anything I had duplicates of, or figured I wouldn't read again into piles. One Marvel, One DC, and one "Other" which is comprised of lots of Image, Dark Horse etc. These would be great for an Amazon or Ebay seller that wants to piece them out. I'm sure there are ones in these lots that get good Amazon $. I just don't have the time for it, so I'm offering them cheap as lots. Most of these are pretty nice. There ma
  7. Disagree. Hazing then warm welcome. Then hot tub invite if it's a hot chick. If a dude, then more hazing. This is the way of the boards.