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  1. got it it. I just read the rules and youre right, and I felt stupid for staying with a traditional IRA... but theres a catch, the income limits. If you earn over 200K you CANT use a Roth IRA. Ive had plenty of "good years" so it was never an option. Seems to be targeted at inducing those who earn well but dont save much... Rewarding them for not spending the last 1 - 7K of their income. Pretty clever.
  2. aren't taxes due when on the gains in IRAs when you withdraw the funds? Governments gets a share of ALL profits. By and large though I agree that the markets can of quite often pay off a lot better than even the amazing gains on Big Ticket comics that took decades to increase in value as much as stocks more often do in less time.
  3. hope so. or Ill finally throw out my long box of Wizards issues (and the rest of the magazines from back then) ! weighs a ton.
  4. yeah. all I keep hearing from this guy is someone with barely enough knowledge about comics to pick which issues to jump on. While all he says MAY be true, that demand is sky high now, and 3500 9.8s is still scarce in the big picture (even though those of us in comics for decades know the opposite is true and how many more are out there etc) , bottom line for me is that 95% these guys will move on when they're done, and the 3500 copies will be way more than the market needs... and prices will go back down to whatever point the buyers decide is their value. Yeah, its awesome that everyone is
  5. These are so cool... I’ve never seen them on this side of the pond. They’re like bizarro variant issues!
  6. They use efficiency experts? And pay them? Where would one find someone with experience in speeding up the handling and grading of comics etc? CBCS? PGX? After 20 years of doing what practically nobody else does, isn’t CGC the efficiency expert with the experience they are looking for? Seems to me the TAT problems stem from running a small team for profitability for years, plus a high level of specific skills needed to grade comics, and the time each requires, working within an un expandable office building, then running into a glut of demand. Voila. Their business has moving parts and a wo
  7. Sounds like a plan for my next trip.
  8. Do they have manga from the 50s and 60s? Early first printings etc? I tried looking in Japan years ago, but never found a store that carried “original printings.” It was explained that manga has been reprinted so many times that almost nobody has made a market for original/first printings like we do here. Or perhaps it only goes on in some rarified books stores in a Tokyo?
  9. I have a GoCollect question. I was looking at prices today and saw that their price guide prices were wildly higher than the actual sales they were using. I know that when there are very few sales, it’s hard to draw conclusions as to their values, but when there are actual sales, you should use them as the value, and not calculate a price derived from say a 9.8 and a 4.0 and build a curve from them. Real work]d sales ARE real world values until more data comes in. Anybody have any insight into this? Sorry I don’t recall which title it was , so sorry that important info is missing in my qu
  10. New copies coming to market is good for that comics value... if there are only a handful, and they are locked up, the values can only be guessed ar. Sure there’s the danger tat too many copies come out, but that doesn’t affect prices as much as we used to think now while new collectors have come to snap them up.
  11. This is such an innocent thread... a discussion about serial numbers back when few people understood how they are created. Sigh, we are all so much older now.
  12. Sorry if that was cryptic. I just mean that pressing and “restoration” weren’t invented in 2001. Books have always been improved by collectors and dealers since it all began.
  13. Chalk it up to the cost of doing business. Danny D had it right when he said that grading would make you take on a lot of partners in your collection to sell for what they are worth!
  14. well, in a positive light, the fact that CC auction site wasn't built to handle buyers premiums supports the idea that this was never in Metros plans, and was sprung on them by the Kentucky consignor, no? Shouldn't be too hard for them or GPA/George to change the final prices to include the BC... a spreadsheet should do the trick.
  15. do their listed sale prices include the 15%?? or the highest bid?
  16. yeah me too. Its a special key book that has fallen out of favor.. But could be one of those that just needs a movie or TC series to jolt it back to life. There's various shows being announced using the GA JSA heroes of late, so could be this year's hot sleeper book. I had one that I sold to buy a bigger book long ago, so Im not chasing it, but we have seen this play out before. More Fun 73, Sensation 1 etc
  17. youre right of course.. I didnt think you were rude, I was just reacting in a cynical way to all the gushing. But I get it, really I do. These books are the holy grails we all aspire to, and they are increasingly out of reach now, so their status is enormously palpable. Im just a bit jaded at this point. As for Christine's "heavier" Tec 27 its probably cause it had more restoration than the Action 1! just kidding, but when the goal is to own everything, you make allowances for restored copies in the runs. She's vert sweet, Ive seen her at shows --- STILL BUYING new comics!
  18. well sure, its freighted with enormous symbolism and awe. But its surprisingly just like any other GA comic in hand.
  19. Just a note to say that the imminent destruction of this copy of Action 1 is wildly exaggerated. I saw the book 30 years ago. And from the pics of it today, it doesn’t look any worse. It’s been carefully cared for most of its life, from a bank vault to a slab... and will be from now on. it was even treated to a few Florida vacations at a very nice Humidity controlled spa where it was pampered by the staff day and night. It’s not falling apart any time soon. Rust is not a living thing like tartar on your teeth. It’s a chemical reaction. It needs humidity to “grow” and this book won’t be le
  20. it may be that in time, as we "original generation" comic collectors pass on the hobby to the newer collectors, coming to comics from other collectibles with different views on "restoration/conservation" our ways of thinking will no longer hold sway. And comics will be treated similarly to those markets that embrace it.
  21. thats a good point... are treated prints worth less? or just not discussed or disclosed when selling?
  22. the difference between an Action 1 and an oil painting is greater than between comics and cars. Or any other mass fabricated object that attains values over time by collectors. Any copy of Action 1 could disappear and the concept of the value of an "Action 1" would not change. Just one less copy in existence. And there'd are still "plenty" to go around to make a market. The art market has long ago accepted that a one-of-a-kind painting or piece of art keeps its value intact if and when it needs work done due to damage to it. Cars are closer to comics IMO. Many were created all at once to be
  23. theres ways to get creative sure, ... but when a seller doesn't know the value of something, telling them its valuable often doesn't lead to a sale. They have to think about it, etc. Unfortunately --- and Im not advocating for ripping off people -- it falls under the category of " no good deed goes unpunished!" Sad that buyers who tell the truth and try to be fair and do the right thing too often get burned. The seller's trust is inversely proportional to the vales of their junk. no, not that junk. sheesh