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  1. @whetteon Digital Webbing Presents #24 has a few different covers but that TMNT one is the hardest to find (outside of the Museum Edition Variant). Definitely it's the coolest (of course!). I wish the print quantity were recorded on each issue like it is on this variant...that would make things so nice and clear. Great grade on this, too.
  2. Although it's not a signed and numbered copy, it's a great find for a great price. Another cool piece of early Turtles history.
  3. Cool book! The Turtlemania books all just have unique and odd history. I'd be lying if I felt we'd now found every last variant of these. Especially now that Robert is releasing "30th Anniversary Editions" that seem to be numerous in their variations.
  4. @Icculus308win Very interesting! You posting about this now is a bit uncanny. Recently in my Turtles FB group a new member stated that he was thinking of selling some of his copies of Turtlemania Silver. He had no pictures (and still hasn't provided any) but he did state that none of his copies were numbered or signed. This, of course, made me wary of a scam and so I contacted Robert Wilson (the guy that created the Turtlemania books). Robert actually knew this guy and they had been partners in business back in the 1980's but they hadn't been in touch in about 30 years. Robert said it's likely that the "Silver" copies (grayish cover) without signature or numbering (assuming that's what this guy had) would have to be surplus copies (overprinted quantity from the same print run) set aside to be used as backup copies in case one of the 100 signed & numbered copies got damaged, ruined, etc. So, from the pictures here, it seems that what you have is one of the surplus copies of Turtlemania Silver edition that was not signed or numbered. According to Robert, it would be from the same print run as the signed & numbered books. It looks to be on the correct "grayish" paper stock and you had mentioned spine damage which is something that many of the Silver editions suffer from (both of mine included) due to the poor quality paper stock. The spines split quite often and the staples are many times rusted (staining the cover paper). However, your grade of 9.6 clearly indicates that it's not suffering from as much spine damage as typical Silver copies (although the staples look a bit inset). Usually there's a visible split in the spine. The reason yours may not have much spine damage is that it wasn't opened / handled as much as the 100 signed / numbered copies. I'd be interested to know the provenance of this copy (if you know it). It no longer surprises me to find out about all these different variants of Turtlemania books anymore. As with the Turtlemania hand-colored edition I acquired a few years back, seems Robert Wilson allowed a bunch of these "un-documented" variants, copies, etc. to exist. At least Robert is still available as a resource for inquiries about all these Turtlemania books. Otherwise, we'd be in the dark.
  5. This came out really great! Nice set of books. I bought a bound version of TMNT #1-4 + Raphael years ago on eBay that looks very similar to this (just not as thick and, of course, oversized due to the larger issues). That was the first time I knew this could be done with comic books. Congrats on getting this project complete. Really a neat collection.
  6. Yes, all versions of the original 1986 Turtlemania books (White, Silver, Gold) have identical interior pages. Aside from the color of the paper used for the three different covers (and ignoring the signatures/sketches, numbering present on the Silver & Gold ), the covers also have identical content on them. Earlier this year, the same person that made the original Turtlemania books (Robert Wilson) issued some Silver and Gold Anniversary Editions of Turtlemania. Those all have the same content as the original but with a few new pages of content added.
  7. Wow! A bit ashamed to admit I didn't realize that piece was a Kirby original when I saw it in Turtle Soup...or I did and just forgot that detail. But I think the Eastman sig is great...good placement and actually brings the piece full-circle...Kirby-->Eastman-->Kirby. Beautiful man.
  8. Such a cool page !! I don't collect the original artwork but this one is really I'd nab for sure if funds allowed.
  9. @jaybuck43 I am going. I'll be bringing the TMNT #1 Production Negatives for (hopeful) signatures by as many Mirage TMNT guys as possible (and to let TMNT fans get to see them in person). I'm banking this would be the only chance to have Peter Laird sign them (if he even attends) since I don't plan to travel with these negatives again. Also, the remaining 200 copies of my TMNT #95 BLANK will be at Granite as well. As for CGC, as @nriccijr stated, Comics & Ponies travel with Eastman to most shows and they do the CGC for all of the activity at Kevin's table. @Turtle I thought the exact same thing and the Con told me something similar to that as well. No clue what the additional value is for the TMNT VIP vs. VIP Pass + TMNT Meet / Greet combo. @nriccijr If Peter goes, I'm betting it won't be announced until just a week or two leading up to Granite Con. That seems to have been the M.O. for the last few times Peter appeared with Steve Lavigne. But, with Peter having announced that he's no longer signing stuff sent in to Mirage, he may be done with shows as well. Word on the street is that Granite is HEAVILY pushing to try and get Peter there...time will tell. I'm kind of leaning towards thinking that he won't show though...but, I hope I'm wrong.
  10. Totally with you on this. The content of the two books (TMNT #1 vs. Turtlemania) is totally different with Turtlemania being literally nothing of substance quite honestly. TMNT #1 is the key book that started the entire franchise...and Turtlemania (and the "Con" where it debuted) wasn't even something Kevin liked (and still doesn't today). It's a gimmick book but the GOLD being limited to 10 copies IS what makes it valuable...not the content. Whereas, the content of TMNT #1 is everything and its historical significance is undeniable. And, although not limited to only 10 copies, just over 3,000 copies is still a very limited quantity. You know there had to have been a fairly high destruction / loss rate for that 1st printing so the availability has to be much less than 3,275 print quantity I would think (my opinion of course - no real fact behind that).
  11. I'd say the introduction of Jennika the 5th Turtle is pretty major news...the last 4 weeks have been Turtles-mania and I'm betting that could have something to do with it.
  12. This is incredible! Wonder if this will get to six figures. I suppose it's not that surprising though. This price jump is the same thing that happened to Turtlemania GOLD and SILVER as of late. GOLD has been about a $10-15K book for a few years and now it's suddenly nearly $60K. SILVER was $1-2K and now $8-9K. Turtles are hot now and my opinion is that these rare low-print quantity books have caught the eyes of collectors in general...not just Turtles collectors. And, these collectors have some deep pockets...much deeper than mine!
  13. @GM8 The original listing has ended but he relisted it (which is still up as of me posting this). It's still the same price as before but he's edited the title and description to reflect what it actually is.
  14. I am a bit surprised at him still thinking this is worth thousands of dollars.
  15. @BlastaarYes, isn't that interesting. Given his prior responses to my questions, I bet if you asked him about that he'd probably respond with a "I meant in the $80 range - not the 1980's." Lol. And, even then, he'd have overpaid.