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  1. @SpideyFein Congrats man! It's awesome that these are now getting graded by CGC when they come with authentication from Kevin. Those SS yellow labels really add some hefty value to these books.
  2. This is a gorgeous copy! Not sure I've ever seen one that pristine.
  3. @cbmitch The two issues of Independent Comic Book Sampler contained bios of independent artists along with one or two pages of their artwork. #1 contains Kevin Eastman and #2 contains both Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird. Each of these were limited to 4,000 copies. Here's an image of the inside back cover of #2 that provides details about these books (and a bit about Eastman & Laird). There are very rare Limited Edition green variant covers for each of these books (limited to 50 copies each). You can see the details about the green covers on the inside front covers of both #1 &
  4. @oakman29 There's no way to tell from the outside. The error / misprint is the appearance of a black grid-pattern on 8 pages (13, 16, 17, 20, 21, 24, 25, 28) in either the gutter, page corner, or both.
  5. Twinsies! I love this figure. It's one of the coolest from the original 1988-1992 line.
  6. So, I can definitely confirm there are 2nd printings that were made from the master prints of GG #1 & #2. Kevin brought a set of them for me to see a couple years back and he told me they were made just prior to him selling the master prints. However, Kevin had said that he colored the little dot in the issue number red for these master print / 2nd printing editions so that they would be set apart from the originals (which you can see in this picture I took of the ones he showed me). Obviously, the set you have didn't get this coloring applied. But, he did tell me that he gave you a se
  7. No, he doesn't accept submissions due to the liability of handling other people's books/valuables. Many that would be submitted to them would be very high value.
  8. This is true! Mine is signed on the inside cover by Kevin and label. And I didn't know that it wouldn't be green label either before I submitted it.
  9. @LDarkseid1 What he's selling is TMNT #100 The Fellowship Turtlemania Gold variant. It's not a reprint of the original Turtlemania but is a variant cover for issue #100 of the TMNT Ongoing from IDW. The reason for the high pricing is that there were only supposed to be 10 copies of this variant made available for sale (just like Turtlemania Gold). Those 10 copies were all to be numbered & signed with sketch on back cover by Kevin Eastman and then graded CGC SS This issue caused HUGE backlash from some in the Turtles collecting community because the creator of this variant (Sad Lemon Co
  10. @LDarkseid1 I can provide all the details and background about this if you want to post this again over in the Official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles thread. Just so we stay on topic here in this thread with TMNT #1.
  11. Nice books! Great to have Peter's signatures on anything anymore. I've always liked how he (almost always) puts the year along with his signature.
  12. @SpideyFein The way the pages are arranged, it's actually best to think of this issue as simply having the cover attached upside down on the body pages. Because when you open the front cover, the first page is Page 40 (the last page - presented upside down). It's essentially a manufacturing error where the cover was attached upside down to the correctly-oriented body pages. All 40 pages are present...just in the reverse order and every one of them upside down. Sadly, I'm not very optimistic that we'll ever see another public appearance of Peter. He's the last of the original four Mir
  13. Nah, it's totally obscure and could be one of a kind as far as I know (but I'm betting Peter has more of these if I had to speculate). It's the only one I've ever seen though. This one came out of nowhere many years ago - offered for sale through Peter Laird's blog. It was actually part of Peter Laird's personal collection where he was listing a bunch of stuff over the course of a few months. After I bought it he asked me if I wanted him to sign the book before mailing. At the time I thought about maybe not having him sign so I could get it in person sometime. But, in retrospect, I'm now g
  14. I'm on the fence about sending this 2nd printing error copy in to CGC. I'd like to get it slabbed for protection / preservation but it's kind of cool to be able to open it up occasionally to see the upside-down interior pages. But, I have pics of that so I'll probably end up sending it here soon.
  15. Thanks! I really do enjoy investigating and documenting - specifically Turtles and definitely TMNT #1. In regards to the other proof I looked at, it actually had more characteristics in common with the counterfeit #1 than it did with the 1st or 2nd printings. The counterfeit (and that proof) are missing most of the little anomalies outside the page artwork borders - which I believe were purposefully removed by whomever made the counterfeits in order to clean up the pages. The pages of the counterfeit actually look "cleaner" than do the authentic 1st & 2nd printing pages - and I think t