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  1. I don't have complete records for the 2000s so I can't compare. GPA doesn't either so I can crib it from there. using GPA we could plot the average sales per year and see if there's any uptick. My gut says that there has been a significant one, at least for Action #1.
  2. If the book had originally had the Windy City notation then that would be one thing. It's never had the notation though. The current owner may not even know. They turned in the label. The book was properly removed from the census (there are now only 2 9.0s.) If they're trying to hide that the book was pressed they should start there.
  3. We know one thing for sure, this one won't lose money
  4. It didn't have the pedigree designation when it was originally graded. There was no incentive at that point to hide anything about the book.
  5. Great points. I remember that period well. The phenomenon was visible in real time. We discussed it here every couple of months it seemed when another hot potato would surface. Will a nearly decade long gap help this book recover some shine? It's going to be interesting to watch, that's for sure.
  6. Million dollar books featuring characters the general public cares about. I'm hoping to be surprised and get another 7 figure book (and to finally add a new title to that list- returning MC#1 at least temporarily, to top 3 GA status), but for the last 20 years I've only ever been surprised on the downside by MC #1. Fingers crossed and popcorn out though. I wanted the Cap to hit 7 figures, I'll be just as excited if this one does it.
  7. I wonder if it's been asked for and denied or just was never asked for. I've heard that some Church copies have been designated as pedigree books without it being noted on the submission, but it would be tougher with something else. Even with something like this- you'd have to stumble on the knowledge. I never knew this book, which I've been following for 15 years, was the Windy City copy. I would contact Heritage (and I will if no one else wants to)
  8. Following up on this if you wanted to lose money on a golden age mega key over the past couple of decades Marvel Comics #1 was your go to book Marvel Comics 1 Denver CGC 9.0 Upgraded from 8.5 $172,500.00 at Heritage on 2005/08/13 $155,350.00 at Heritage on 2009/02/26 Marvel Comics 1 Pay Copy CGC 9.0 $40,000.00 at Private Sale in 1993 $350,000.00 at Private Sale in 2003 $201,250.00 at Heritage on 2006/01/19 $204,999.99 at Heritage on 2007/08/03 $227,050.00 at Heritage on 2010/02/25 Marvel Comics 1 CGC 9.0 UPGRADED from 8.5 $126,500.00 at Heritage on 2003/03/06 $161,000.00 at Heritage on 2005/10/14 Marvel Comics 1 Larson CGC 8.0 $41,400.00 at Sotheby's in 1997 $48,000.00 at Unknown in 1998 $101,575.00 at Heritage on 2006/11/17 $89,625.00 at Heritage on 2007/11/15 $89,625.00 at Heritage on 2009/11/19
  9. Thanks to the boards on this one. I went from curiosity to full understanding in just a few pages. Pressed or not pressed, MC #1 has been a disappointing book in high grade for... 15 years now? Something like that. Cap feels like the king now. 9.4 might make a difference, but I've been surprised (on the downside) by MC #1 before.
  10. ComicConnect is simply slow at getting their numbers into GPA. My consignments from March are all there. Checking the obvious book (the Amazing Fantasy 15) it looks like the auctions from June are not there yet.
  11. Scroll to the bottom of the GPA homepage. ComicLink is the biggest holdout.The following is the current list. Heritage Auctions ComicConnect Auction Pedigree Grand Auctions Hake's Auctions DIG Auctions Bonhams Morphy Auctions My Comic Shop Vintage Collectables Coast 2 Coast Auctions eBay Legendary Auctions All Star Auctions ComicConnect Comicana Direct World Wide Comics Heritage Auctions Comic Market Metropolis Comics Pedigree Comics Quality Comix DTA Collectibles Paradise Comics Vintage Collectables Esquire Comics Mile High Comics Archangels Lewis Wayne Gallery My Comic Shop Cloud 9 Comics Reece's Rare Comics Empire Collectibles Heronext Timeless Icons International Comic Exchange
  12. They're almost never real. I'll answer anyway, since it's fun. The first thing you need to do is ensure that it's not a reprint. I've had people send me photos of "Action #1s" for years and only one was ever real (and that guy knew what he had- he as sending me photos from a throwaway email account!). There is an over-sized reprint that people commonly mistake for the real thing. it was published at 10 x 13-1/2" with an outer cover that is often removed. If your book is a lot bigger than a regular comic, then you're out of luck. If it is real and you've taken possession of it, I would make sure your insurer knows about the book (assuming you haven't already.) You deal with paper collectibles, so I'll assume you have decent storage WRT to climate control. Store it securely. Then, back away from the book and let some comic-specific professionals handle the book from then on. Even a restored copy is worth six figures and an unrestored 6.0+ copy would tickle (or clear) seven figures. Any damage to an unrestored copy would be measured in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Personally, if I were you I would contact Heritage and Comic Connect and then let them fight it out over who could give me the best deal. Both would be very happy to sell the book for you. I would also let them deal with getting it graded (unless you're really excited about flying the book down to CGC in Florida.) You could also try to work with dealers or collectors who might be interested in buying the book outright (you would have several suitors on these boards), but that's not as painless as working with one of the auction houses.
  13. Lost in the middle of all of this, by the way, is that I now am pretty sure that this book is the Mastro 8.0 minus the finger bends.
  14. Oh yeah, I knew the photo was faked. I just had never figured out where they sourced the actual book.