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  1. once and future has been my mess lately
  2. only thing I've been buying has been a few titles from BOOM studios.
  3. I feel ya. I'm sure everyone has there own history with certain shipping companies. Ive been burned by USPS to much to use them. UPS on the other hand has never screwed me "yet".
  4. just another reason why I wont use the united states postal service to ship ANYTHING
  5. MARVEL has done a great job at making dumb characters really cool. There is no doubt they can make Sprite cool too I think.
  6. id say "perceived value" and "true value" are the factors here. Just because a book is 1:100 to me doesn't make it valuable, but to a modern collector it has perceived value thus them willing to spend money. In the end its only worth what people are willing to spend on it.
  7. Might as well make it 14 years straight.
  8. Sub Mariner 5 has jumped a fair amount recently as well.
  9. I always go the route of saying " will you take XXX amount of money for this?" If they say No I say " ok cool" and go about my business.
  10. I asked cgc and cbcs to signature verify these for me for grading at HeroesCon and was turned down by both. I get it, its their call and can do what they want. Doesn't change my opinion of them. So instead I had Del Ray etc sign them and get a pic together with me and the book. Good times. They both love the covers and were super proud of their work.