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  1. theres no way endgame gets the same time frame of a theatrical run that Avatar got, but with that said...If it did there is no doubt it would beat it.
  2. This will be my 13th straight Heroes Con. Was up in the air on going this year but the thought of downtown Charlotte , Fuel Pizza and comics is to much to pass up. is it me or does this years line up of artists etc seem weak?
  3. heard some theories about where cap going back and staying in the past is going to create a multiverse etc. Which could def be the way they bring in Mutants etc. some interesting stuff is gonna happen now
  4. just got back from a 9 am showing and it was sold out, which i thought was awesome. In fact the ticket taker said the entire day was sold out. ill save my thoughts on the movie until everyone has gotten a chance to see it, But i absolutely loved it. Was it perfect? no , but damn it was awesome.
  5. Have we heard if there is an end credits scene yet? I know they didn't play the credits at the premiere so who knows?
  6. I was never prominent as a poster but I'm still around. Just don't really post much, mostly around for comic news etc.
  7. I'm still in a hour long queue for a saturay showing at 9 am... good lord this movie will be a monster.
  8. glad he is now reunited with his wife. Rest in Power Stan. Thank you for all you ever did for this medium!
  9. Why on earth could i not find a copy of jungle Action 19 at Heroes? I found every single issue except 19!
  10. i bought way less than i normally do at this show but i bought higher quality this year as well so im sure thats why i got fewer books. I will say this, alot more dealers this year had their prices on wall books very easy to see and i cant tell you how much i appreciate that. I like knowing what a book is priced at before i waste anyones time. Especially at a busy con like Heroes.
  11. If any vendors on here at heroes have a Jungle Action 19 please hit me up!
  12. If anyone saw the bald dude in a Wu Tang shirt that was me
  13. Will do! I usually have a Miami shirt or something on during the show. Where are you staying at?