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  1. I am going to try and make a booth if I have time. :) It's been a while.
  2. Hi folks! Been a little while since I had a sale but will be listing some books over the next few months. 1st in the thread gets the book. Open to offers/discussion via PM. I accept Paypal, check or money order (check and MO must clear before shipping). US buyers only please. Unless you are open to paying the heavy shipping cost outside US. Shipping is Priority Mail with tracking, insurance and signature required. Please don't bother if you are on the probation list or in the Hall of Shame. Returns are available (but some of these are CGC graded books ), pl
  3. Even as a kid who could not get enough Godzilla...I was like...
  4. IMHO Black Panther is definitely deserving of a nomination. No chance at being the winner. I also feel it was a much better overall movie than Infinity War.
  5. Sounds good, thanks for what you shared so far.
  6. Do you generally see higher sale prices than you might see here on the boards? How about versus ebay? I assume the only fees are the Paypal fees when selling on FB/IG?
  7. I'd say its worth giving a shot. Most of what I listen to is also news and technology related. This is the perfect length for a morning walk, or car/bus/train ride home.
  8. No podcast fans? Or, maybe just none of this particular podcast? Or, is this the wrong channel?
  9. Wasn't really sure of the best forum channel to share this, movies/TV seemed a decent start. I did a search and no luck on this already being discussed, maybe I missed it though. I was wondering if anyone else listens to this podcast. So I am on episode 5 of this podcast. It started a little slow but after episode 3 I was really drawn in. Richard Armitage voices a great Wolverine and the rest of the voice cast is really strong also. Here is the link to start listening if you'd like: https://www.wolverinepodcast.com/ Here is the summary for those that need more enticement t
  10. I am always playing to win, last year was rough for me but I have come in 2nd a couple of times