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  1. Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #108 CGC 9.6 ow/w $115 Gentleman Ghost imposter on cover. More garbage coming tomorrow.
  2. Adventures into Fear #19 First Wundarr, Frank Brunner Cover. 4 copies available. Let me know if you would like scans for the 9.0s and 8.5. CGC 9.2 White $60 CGC 9.0 White $50, OW/W $48 CGC 8.5 White $40
  3. My Love #22 CGC 7.5 OW/W $60. I have found this issue to be impossible to find in high grade. This is the only graded copy and doesn't appear to be on the census yet. Maybe @greggy has a nicer copy. Otherwise, if it exists, I don't think it's come to market.
  4. Strange Tales #170 CGC 8.5 White $105, last sale $125. Second appearance and origin of Brother Voodoo
  5. My last outlier, a non comic item from late November, was delivered yesterday. All of my US shipments (non letter) up until 1-19 have been delivered. Looks like they are catching up some.
  6. Young Love #124 $25 VF/NM to NM- very nice copy of late issue in the series. Date stamp back cover.
  7. Falling in Love 52 $10 decent eye appeal but has some paper loss on the read head and some water staining that is not very noticeable on and around the red head. (Ok, I've teed that one up for anyone that wants to go there.) One on eBay currently. I just don't see this one too often.
  8. How about a tough Lichtenstein book? Heart Throbs #84 I have it at G+ $50. No copies currently on eBay. SOLD!