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  1. No. And there 8 9.8s out there. This one is puzzling to me as well.
  2. Daredevil 115 seems to be moving at a pretty brisk pace. It’s the next logical step after 180 took off. Or maybe it’s just the Deathstalker cover.
  3. Let’s try this again. Some may be out of order.
  4. Now we’ll need front and back cover scans for all the issues posted in the Silver Flash thread. Why don’t you get that done by 5 PM EST tomorrow.
  5. Also looking for these Frankenstein (Marvel Bronze) issue in CGC 9.8. Will likely pay right around GPA for these. 2 5 10 11 14 15 16 18
  6. Hello, I'm looking for the following HoM Issues in CGC 9.8 White. I will pay $81 for any single issue. This is higher than all sales I'm aware of for any issue except 290 and the final issue, save 1 sale. 291 292 293 294 300 (No GPA sales for this one, I'll offer $100 for this one.) 303 304 306 307 309 - 315 317 318 320 Thanks for looking.
  7. Looking at everyone’s picks, 50% of us had no idea how the contest really worked. And it was likely better that way. Now where are the consolation prizes?
  8. HA! I don't remember that happening, but it would have been funny. Just popping in and out of random fight scenes, and have the combatants with a WTH look on their face.
  9. Jonathan absolutely rocks as a buyer and person! A true asset to the boards!
  10. I think we can work out a 15 year mortgage if you take 3 or more books.