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  1. First time I’ve been to this show. I thought it was a great show. Buying was great, crowd control and getting in and out was great. Most of the aisles were comfortably spaced out, although it did get a bit crowded sometimes. There were many dealers I don’t get to see at Midwest shows. The big national dealers were there too. For what I was looking for, I thought pricing was good too (I wasn’t looking for keys.) CGC on-site was very busy. I was in line very early Friday and got my books back early Sunday. It was the first time I checked on them, so they may have been done earlier. Brittany was a HUGE help getting me through quickly, even though two of the submission forms I had were ancient. The line seemed to be wrapped around their booth all day Friday. I haven’t heard if they had to cut it off at some point or not. I was able to attend two dinners/drinks with boardies and that is always fun. One Canadian boardie made me drink way more than I was planning on Saturday night. Greggy didn’t make fun of the books I bought, except for the three he brought for me. That was a first. I will definitely be going back again! Thanks for the pictures 1Cool. They did a good job showing what books were at the show.
  2. If someone needs a place holder,, this is a good book to pick up for $1. No graded copies, I couldn’t find a copy on eBay. It doesn’t seem to come up often.
  3. Just go ahead and post all the DC Romance now. It would be great if you could have them all done by Tex/Okl kickoff.
  4. Mine moved back to SFG just after I asked you about it.
  5. Any further movement on these, Joe? I have a 5-31 Value that's still at received after the "glitch."