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  2. would it be worth the press for the ripples in the sides?
  3. got this book recently and it was a good price. and it presents really well. while looking at the pages it has this little tear in it. was wondering how much this would effect the grade and what I should expect if I were to grade it. out of it?
  4. Long time reader first time grader... well on my own at least. Have a few books graded way back with a friend but now gunna do it myself. Going through my collection and trying to decide what to grade and what to let go
  5. so very new here, and sent my first book already and looking at sending more. but some of my modern books "Modern (1975-Date)" type books, that can have a huge jump from 9.0-9.8's and curious how to treat max value? like a 9.4 may be worth 300 but a 9.8 might go for 1000? So if I think it'll get a 9.8 should I send it express? or do I send standard because I think it has a shot at a higher grade? how is that handled at CGC, do I get up charged if it grades higher?