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  1. See that helps so much more than just the grade. Thanks for the information. While I know that diving into dollar bins most like won't produce great books I love going in there and finding books like this to see what it may bring. This particular book will be sent in regardless as it's meant to be a gift for my son who is a huge Carnage fan and I already have my pc copy sent in for grading.
  2. Ok. I've been trying to kind of learn what and how many would really affect the grades. I've been doing a lot of dollar bin diving and finding nice books that I think would grade nice but then I come here and get my hopes dashed. 😆
  3. I have to ask what do you guys see that puts it at a 7.5. I'm trying to learn what exactly I'm looking for. I see some color breaks on the spine but what else are you guys seeing. Or is that enough to drop that low?
  4. This is a copy that I got out of a collection I just bought. Lots of junk in it but there was this and a few other books that hopefully made the purchase worth it! Thanks for looking!
  5. Some added photos as I think the scans are a bit dull. (But the photos have glare so...)
  6. Newly acquired looks pretty good to me. Hoping at least 9.0. What say you?
  7. I see what you're saying although I think that book has quite a few well defined creases that break color on the front cover. Isn't that a major hit when it comes to grading? I've been out of the game for so long that I feel like I am learning all over again!
  8. I've seen other books at 4.5 and this looks way better than any of those so I hope you're wrong.
  9. Am I allowed to ship multiple submissions together assuming that all invoices are included and the orders separated in the box?
  10. Yea. I have another copy that is a bit rougher looking but has no tears or color breaks. Just some indentations as far as I can tell. Probably submit them both for a press.