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  1. Here are the details (or you can email us for info at
  2. Hey guys...Stranger Con is run by Creation...they are not a typical convention so getting signatures at these in bulk is near impossible. CGC facilitators don't go to these events because they can't get enough signatures to warrent the cost of attending. FYI...we are having a private signing with Millie Bobby Brown on March 23rd and are accepting items...need them by March 13th. Details can be found here (or you can email us at
  3. Millie Bobby Brown, Daisy Ridley, and Adam Driver signings just added.
  4. Different actors have different guarantees...some have no guarantee at all. Sigourney obviously took in more than Carrie Henn
  5. Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War Prelude #1 CGC 9.8 SS Signed by Chris Evans, Karen Gillan, Tom Hiddleston, Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Benedict Wong, Dave Bautista, Anthony Mackie, Josh Brolin, Don Cheadle, Jeremy Renner, Zoe Saldana, Paul Rudd, Tom Holland, Tessa Thompson, Chris Hemsworth, and Brie Larson **Item is available for sale FYI**
  6. Jim does a lot of conventions....don't know if anyone is going to this one but we will see him 3 times in the next 3 months:
  7. But is it really a listing for a single book...that was my arguement. If I get 3 copies of a book and have a listing with Qty 3...then I change it to an auction to auction 1 off, the original listing changes to Qty 2, and there's another listing on auction. Same pic, same details, etc. I do that the following week and now the buy-it-now changes to 1, there's an active listing and a sold listing. All with the same picture and same details. We routinely do this. So just having "single book" listings doesn't warrant not using the same picture. But yes, stock photo or something else should be listed. I have NO issues with that and we do that. I will disagree...there are LOTS of modern collectors who are too OCD. Believe me...if I collected what I sell I wouldn't sell to myself because I'd be too much of a pain in the butt buyer for me to deal with! (By the way...why can't we type that too much of cuss word these days?)
  8. Twisting hypothetical? I asked if a seller has 5 copies should they change the picture each time one sells. Here are 4 examples of mutliple listings of almost $500 books (and I've had similar ones with values over $1500): 4 copies @ $550: 4 copies @ $400: 6 copies @ $350: 7 copies @ $400: Again...I'm not arguing that they shouldn't CLEARLY either say "stock photo" or like we say: "DISCLAIMER: Book grade is guaranteed as you are purchasing a CGC book, however picture may not be the exact book as we often have multiple copies with different certification numbers, signature placements and colors, etc." My claim was should I update the picture each time a book sells and I won't. As I said...if I lose a sale because someone doesn't like that it's not the exact book they know they will be getting I'm ok with that. And if I decide to auction one off I'm just going to click on "change to auction" and it creates an exact copy and I start the auction at $.01. I'm not going to go back and take ANOTHER picture even thought that auction is not long a "quantity 5"....and the next time I auction another I'm using the same picture. Like I said...a modern CGC 9.8 is a modern CGC 9.8....if I feel one is an outlier because a signature is smudged or doesn't show up as easily I will list those separately but otherwise a 9.8 is a 9.8.
  9. MICHAEL J FOX SIGNING AT ECCC - This will be extremely limited and we need items by Feb 28th. Cost is $250 for small flats up to 11x14 and $300 for all other items (comics and flattened funkos do not count as flats for the signing). Fox is only signing for 30 mins on Sat and 1 hour on Sun so they will be EXTREMELY limited!
  10. So if I seller has 5 copies of a book, should they update the picture each time a book sells? I've posted a listing of 5 books and all 5 sold within hours...there's no logistical way to do it and listing 5 seperate listing of 5 CGC 9.8 books that are $100 isn't worth the time when 99% of buyers don't care as long as they get a 9.8. Does the extra effort warrant the extra rewards...I say no. Again...I'm only talking about new modern 9.8s.
  11. Well we can agree to disagree on a lot of points. I will tell you that as a seller, I would block someone from future purchases if they tried to return an item because the number on the picture didn't match what was sent because we have CLEARLY in all our listings that you may not get the item in the picture since we usually have more than one copy of any given book. Nothing against that person but I just wouldn't deal with them. Unfortunately there is a level of OCD in moderns books that I (and a lot of other CGC dealers) find being way overboard.
  12. Target may be a bad example, but I don't think sideshow is. What's the difference between doing 10 vs 100? Personally I don't see any. My Comic Shop is a different animal than most CGC dealers because of their size. They either list the individual cert number or put stock image so they are covering both bases and I totally agree with you that putting "actual product not pictured" is a good idea. Like I mentioned, personally we do that...per my original post "we clearly state in the details of every listing that we normally have multiple items and that the certification number can be different and that signature color and/or placement may be different in the case of Signature Series books." But I stand by my original notion: a brand new modern CGC 9.8 is a brand new modern CGC 9.8 regardless of cert number or what it looks like and having a book come in damaged is different. Send me a PM with the details of this seller and I'll let you know if it's someone we personally know.