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  1. CGC facilitator

    That all depends on what shows, signings, you're talking about....there's a lot of information missing.
  2. CGC facilitator

    Arrange what signatures, and where?
  3. What can I say.....
  4. But you pay for cheaper seats and still get the same outcome......
  5. I agree that $150 is a little high for for signatures. Some top celebrities don't even charge that much, granted, they're also paid for their appearance.
  6. Sorry maybe I'm not an elitists when it comes to comic book movies, but I had ZERO issues with B vs S
  7. Or maybe he's trying to pocket some of your profit from that Walking Dead 1 CGC SS 9.8 that you'll potentially flip on e-bay??
  8. Remember the time when you were excited that your favorite comic book heroes were moving on to the big screen and you didn't give a rat's arse about which movie is better and what not? Yeah.... That's how I feel about this whole DC vs Marvel junk..... I don't care.
  9. I started reading from page one, till now. Man this thread went all over the place.
  10. I find myself at odds with this. Some creators, like Layton, charge $5 for books that are going to be graded. However, he doesn't charge for raw signatures. What I do find aggravating is when creators charge $50 for their signatures, regardless of what its being signed for (We know who I'm talking about here). Another thing that bothers me is when creators charger higher fees for "key" books, or "popular character" series. There has to be a common ground, and I get it that some creators feel like they're being slated because of the graded resale market. However, that being said, most of these creators are being paid for their attendances at conventions. What will happen eventually is that no one is going to pony up and pay higher premiums for signatures, thus creators either being forced not to charger, nor not attend conventions. Who knows what is right, and what is wrong.
  11. Because... Why not!
  12. Love the Black Cat! Came out great!
  13. I guess I'm allowed to to post these since they came back