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  1. Maybe someone paid 20K with intent to flip in the heritage auction? Heritage is stating in the description to expect many multiples of guide.
  2. You may get another chance, it's going to be in the upcoming heritage auction.
  3. Even though your focus is on the 50's issues, what do you think of the early wartime issues?
  4. Neither of these are broke out in the Overstreet nor is there any mention of a war cover. What a shame.
  5. Tough one but here goes in no particular order: Cap 1 All Winners 4 All Winners 6 Mystic 8 Mystic 9 Mystic 10 Ah, um, well I can't think of four more to complete the list at the moment. Human Torch 9 maybe but I have to think about it. Well in any case six is better than nothing.
  6. Really want a copy of that book.. I really want an upgrade for my copy. That 7.0 is awesome Thanks! I've been looking for an upgrade also but this book has proven to be tough in any grade. The passage of time has taught me to be thankful to own this copy since I may never find a better one.