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  1. Wow-- 16,000+ posts in this thread. I have a $5000 comic I'm thinking of sending in for the "WalkThrough" service. Given the delays and frustration I'm see here-- should I wait until CGC has a better control of all the demand?
  2. I’ll try to get some good ones— there are just so many books! Too many to put out for my kids to read— I may look for a local collector interested in purchasing them in bulk. I went through them today and found lots of: Archie Dell Comics (lots of Disney) Little Iodine Felix the Cat Howdy Doody Western Comics Classic Stories Comics Tarzan
  3. Still active? Is there a new invite? Old ones are invalid.
  4. This will be my first. I’m planning to use CGC for the convenience. Using them will also save me money in shipping costs— USPS insurance for $5000 is about $75.
  5. I have close to 150 comics from the early 50s to 60s. They all came from my father in-law's childhood collection and he gifted them to our family for his grandchildren to read. They sat in a box in our basement for about a year before I finally went through them and found an X-Men #1 (in poor condition-- see my PGM post). Of course I got excited and looked up every book that had a cover. Due to their condition (brittle, ripped pages, deteriorating spine, missing covers, etc), most were valued by online searches at less than $2-3. My plan for now is to preserve the "best" or "favorit
  6. Will I still receive the free kit if I'm upgrading my membership from the free tier? I've never been a paying member before.
  7. Found another gem in my father in-laws collection.
  8. It’s decided.. I’m sending it in for a press and rating. Thanks everyone for the feedback. What a great community!
  9. Thanks to everyone for the helpful feedback! Forgive me for another question as I try to wrap my head around this... but what's the relationship between a comics valuation and its desirability? Just because this comic might have a book value of $5000 (or pick any value you choose), does that mean I'll find a buyer at that price with some of the best parts missing (title, issue number, date, publisher)? I ask because I'm hesitant to spend $200+ to rate a comic that no one wants. I'm sure I can find a much more affordable way to protect and preserve it.
  10. Haha-- too funny. I wouldn't be a very good son in-law to frame it and keep it (or sell it). I may get it graded for him and return it. Maybe someday my wife will inherit it again....
  11. I found this in my father in-law's childhood collection. There are many other comics to post-- but this one I think is the most interesting. Details: I searched through the box several times-- the missing half of the cover is gone. Overall, the book is complete and holding up pretty well-- with the worst part along the spine. The back cover is in decent shape and similar to the front cover. Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I'm trying not to handle the comic too much and I guess that the front cover will likely drive the rating anyways. A few more questions: Is it worth