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  1. My Love 8 8.5 (Bright & glossy; light spine & edge wear; soft & slightly blunted crnrs; v sm cb crses btm edge fc; light foxing fc & ink transfer bc; light thin tan line top edge interior pages) $25.00 My Love 15 9.0 (structurally closer to 9.2 with v v light wear & slightly blunted crnrs; but light foxing fc heavier bc & mod tanning interior pgs with creamier PQ the major defect) $15.00
  2. Glamorous Romances 53 8.5 (O Baby; @first glance 9.0+ but v sm spine tear top; long ncb fold center spine fc; v light edge wear) $125.00 Glamorous Romances 55 copy A 8.5 (light spine wear; sm staple tears; sm scuffs top & btm spine; v sm ncb folds br crnr fc; light tanning bc & interior; light d-shdw top edge bc & light foxing bc) $100.00 Glamorous Romances 63 8.5 (Bright & glossy; v light spine wear & slight spine stress; v sm cb crse top edge fc; light tanning; foxing & ink transfer bc; light tanning interior) $85.00 Ya killing me Robert
  3. Received some super books from Robert's VCC sale. Great transaction all around! Chris.
  4. Modeling with Millie #23 $7.00 Modeling with Millie #26 $9.00 Modeling with Millie #32 $9.00 Modeling with Millie #39 $9.00 Modeling with Millie, #45 $10.00 Modeling with Millie #50 $12.00 Millie the Model Annual #3 $12.00 Sharon!
  5. Got a beautiful Crypt of Shadows #8 slab from Barton the other day. As usual top notch service and hey, the book was exceptional as well
  6. Got a couple of books from Dale the other day. Just beautiful books and a super transaction.