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  1. Is this place deader than ever?

    This new format is all sixes and sevens. Wtf is going on here? Where's jimmers?
  2. O'Barr's "The Crow" love

    Gorgeous. Still no Bat-Crow.
  3. TMNT #1 Club

    I recently bought a #1 2nd print and two # 2's. I'm curious about the later books. How glossy is the cover on the counterfeit?
  4. IDK man, don't you think it's kinda jumped the shark? Negan/gov'nor what's the diff? Negan had a potty mouth He also kills...........
  5. Sooooo, as far as the story goes.... I've read the first issue and it pains me to say, I'm not impressed. Just typing this hurts. WWe'll see how the story plays out, but thus far so-so. Pizz on all of the various covers, I want a great story. Maybe I'm in the minority.
  6. Candy man Candy man Candy man Candy man Candy man....
  7. Preacher - AMC

    I'm more excited about this than TWD. Please, AMC, don't fudge it up.
  8. I'm drooling over a few of these books.

    Green woman.
  10. CLOSED

  11. CLOSED

    Both Akira books.