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  1. Taxes and how to handle them have been discussed a million times on this forum. Cliffs notes: If you aren't sure if you're a business or a hobbyist when it comes to filing income taxes, you're 99% a hobbyist. Don't just default to "I guess I have to file a Schedule C and pay my accountant more when I shouldn't be because I just put my money back into comics." That's the end of it. I'm going nowhere near the politically explicit and undercurrent components of the posts here.
  2. I don't get the outrage. You were always "supposed" to report those profits anyway. Same for selling at shows or facebook or wherever.
  3. Bob ripped off people. Forget it. He’s never asked for forgiveness. He doesn’t get any. Even if he did, he could never control himself here or on Facebook. He isn’t worth the trouble.
  4. Oh yeah. This thread seems like a great idea. I hereby encourage people to open the floor for debate on inclusion of Cal and Mitch in . . . . something. Seriously, I think since the issue was raised on Cal's merits, we can only expect a reasonable rebuttal. @seanfingh got the ball rolling but there's so much more. Some have linked to the mmehdy posts as evidence of . . . . something. Therefore, please do all bring the noise on the merits and (avalanche of) demerits to mmehdy in general. I will monitor, maybe, and jump in, maybe, to facilitate. If you've been here less than 10
  5. Lol. Did you @onlyweaknesskryptonitewrite this? You have a great set there in those and have me looking to put one together maybe. "(Would the OCD collector have to have a run of Ross autographed cards that all had the same number — all, say, 3/40? What a living nightmare.)"
  6. I look forward to the OP becoming a longtime, contributing and valued boardmember. There's some real potential here.
  7. I'll settle for a (I'm gonna regret saying this at the next show) .... hug.
  8. Lucky. I spent hours asleep before I knew this epic/sad thread existed.
  9. Don't listen to these CGC apologist negative Nellies. You stay golden, pony boy.
  10. Please link your youtube videos. I think that could convince a lot of people.
  11. Will you though? I love quoting myself.