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  1. I thought the jerk shack was Orchid Day Spa?
  2. You got it, X-Men Vols. 1-2, $475 shipped. They're yours. Thanks!
  3. Okay, this one is hard to price. Similar book on Ebay listed at $495. Darwyn Cooke's graphic adaption of Richard Stark's The Outfit. This is the NYCC limited edition hardcover. #226/500. It is signed and sketched as you can see. Dustjacket in like new condition as well. Asking $225.
  4. Selling this as a set. X-Men Omnibus Vols. 1-2 $475 shipped in the US. SOLD! Vol. 2 is sealed but the is a tear at the bottom. I think this is a first print. Vol. 1 is definitely a first print.
  5. Walking Dead hardcover set Volumes 1-13 $175 shipped media mail in the US.
  6. Going to post a number of trades and hardcovers over the coming days/weeks.
  7. Here are my rules. Read them carefully. Your life may depend on it. Whoever works out a deal for the book first wins. If that's in the thread here, fine. If it's in a PM, fine. Whoever gets to agreement on the terms with me first, wins. Here's the rest. I will take Paypal. I will ship in the US and internationally at my cost (I will charge you what it costs me), via a method that complies with Paypal seller protection. It can get expensive quick for needing to track higher dollar books outside the US. Payment is expected within 7 days unless we work something out. If I have you on ignore, or if you are on the PL or HOS, I will not sell to you. Books are fully returnable within 7 days of your receipt. If I messed up, I will refund shipping to you. If I didn't, I'll refund the purchase price. Assume books are pressed unless stated otherwise. What else can I think of? Nothing at the moment. But the above is subject to change at any time.
  8. It’s the irony of CGC that the rationale, at least partially, for charging higher fees for higher dollar books is the cost of insurance, security, etc., for them. In fact, CGC rarely, if ever takes any responsibility for damage that occurs once the books are at their facility. Too many people with good reputations here have reported similar stories as set out here: carefully packaged books in ultra high grade, with no shipping damage noted, somehow end up with crunches and dings and fingerprints and creases.
  9. Holy smokes. My only CV is a detached cover Four Color and it is truly one of the nicest GA books I've owned.