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  1. I suspected I could goad you into a wall of text. Next, Professor Falken, how about a nice game of:
  2. I have all his deets already. But the trifecta could involve a home address, collection inventory and a vacation schedule.
  3. 1. Get CIS coverage of your own. 2. Have CGC send them FedEx.
  4. First, you should start a thread. Check. Second, I wouldn't go gangbusters (an american euphemism for headstrong enthusiasm and action. You're welcome, furriner.) on filing for fraud with Visa just yet. Give it a few days and see whether it: 1) shows up in Paypal; or 2) (more likely) drops off your bank records. That is, are you sure the bank isn't seeing an authorization. I've seen a number of Visa charges (outside Paypal) that were declined by the Euro websites that appeared in my bank's records as pending transactions. (I just wanted to use a parenthetical one more time).
  5. Sha I've known Todd Hignite and Jerry Stephan for a while and both would be great to work with.
  6. I took a shot at putting these double bullets together once. Fun focus.
  7. @Matthias. and @constantb Those are amazing pieces.
  8. No. I thought I remembered hearing that he had other artists ghost for him anyway? What confidence would people have that he actually drew those strips?
  9. I think all the vendors and Wizard got word I would not be there this year (after about 10 straight years) and decided to downsize as a result. Best of luck, folks.
  10. I am open to being proven wrong here. But this doesn't make sense to me. Isn't it far more likely that the issue was just printed with b/w interior by mistake for a short run? Even if the colors "melted" off the baxter pages, wouldn't they likely have stained the pages or the cover?
  11. I like making a profit selling to you. @seanfingh