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  1. With their QA issues, CGC should really hope that doesn't happen. What do you deduct for inner well scuffs or Newton rings?
  2. I am going to be going nuts buying McFarlane SS books in the next few months, at discount prices.
  3. Hah. Forgot I split into buying and selling IDs. That ID is since 1998. My buying is since 2008.
  4. So, as far as I can tell @sd2416 added my name to this list all by himself. No mention of why. In fact, I have a perfect record on Ebay for more than 10 years. Care to explain, @sd2416? Here or PM, I don't care.
  5. I'll reserve final judgment until I live with it for a while. That said, my initial impression is that the redesign is creating a lot more clicking. I wonder if that was intentional to drive page views? No idea. But information is more spread out. Hopefully, the mobile version is as compact as it was.
  6. Lot of questions in here. Some good ones too. Help these folks out, longtime boardies!
  7. It's not directed at you. It's a poke in the eye of oversensitive mods and their sensitivity to protecting noobs.
  8. You're tricking us. You said you took one and got offers.
  9. Leave it some (some qualifier definitely NOT tied to how long someone has been here) members to inevitably raise the, "It's FREE!" banner. In short summary (feel free to search for my lengthier posts on the subject - good luck with that in the new software), the boards are ADVERTISEMENTS. They are also REVENUE GENERATORS. See the banner ads above. Those aren't free and the metric is based on how many eyeballs this site gets. Your eyeballs. You are creating money to put in CGC's pockets. These boards aren't "FREE-ermagawd-FREE!!"