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  1. Hook for a hand to hook for a hand
  2. I think I read in a CBM interview or article that Murphy Anderson considered S/K as some of influences although I am pretty sure he was most influenced by Lou Fine.
  3. I knew it was the Timely Subby but I do remember some ads I remember seeing from that time period were more proud of the SA Marvels than GA books. It sounds like you have me by just few years. During the mid 70s when I was a teen, there a was bookstore called Lute's that had a wall with those shelves or really boxed shelves that went to the ceiling. I had to stand on a ladder to get to the top. Thousands of books of all types. Sadly I had no clue nor interest at the for GA as there were many there. Most of the books were $1 or less and just a grab bag of GA-BA. Of course, I went after the BA books of those I was reading and although I considered myself a collector, I was collecting only Marvels and only those titles I was reading during the mid-70s. After I bought my first SA Marvel, Avengers #19, I started exploring and buying older books (although my budget was very limited). Thanks again for sharing, RM. Take care.
  4. That is a neat story, RM. Thanks for sharing. And I have to ask - 1941 Sub-Mariner or the 1968 for $40?
  5. I bought this years ago in the early 80s. I have been getting most of my GA graded but decided to send in a couple of SA Marvels. Shipment arrived today. Pretty much what I had it pegged for as far as grade. The colors are better than the scan shows. Still trying to get my adjustments set on my new scanner.
  6. Not trying to date you, RM but when did you buy them? (besides I may be older than you, anyway ) Did you know at that time how tough a book it was?
  7. I agree, they should be recognized. I mentioned Best Comics #1 earlier as the first African-American comic book hero but your suggestions were more overt obviously with the title and especially All-Negro Comics, published, drawn and written by African-American creators.