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  1. I have a stack of 76 kid-friendly coverless BA books for auction. They include the following: 30 Walt Disney such as Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Super Goof 21 Looney Toons such as Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam, Porky Pig, Tweety and Sylvester 17 Harvey - Casper and Richie Rich 7 Archie and Josie 1 Fat Albert I did not go through and count the pages but they seem to be complete with no loose pages except a couple of the Josie have detached pages and may be missing something but I cannot guarantee completeness but like I said I did not detect any other loose pages and they look okay. Do not seem to have any brittleness but a few have significant spine rolls. Some still have back covers attached. There are duplicates for many of the issues. What you see is what you get - reading copies. PayPal Payment must be received within 3 days of purchase Shipping - The stack fits in a medium flat box with little room for much else but I will put as much padding as possible around the books. From what I can tell on the USPS website, the cost would be $12.80 in the US. I do not think it would be worth the extra cost for international shipment but if you're interested and win, I will get a quote at the end. Tracking number will be sent upon shipment. No returns. Please no PL/HOSers. Thanks for looking and PM me any questions. BIN - $60 Starting Bid - $10. Auction Ends at Friday, November 8 at 2 pm CST.
  2. Claimed via PM by @Batarag I had forgotten to officially close this thread so it is now closed. Not much interest in these so will either try to sell as a bulk lot with possibly others added or move them elsewhere. Thanks.
  3. Jim Payette has a couple of #18 one is in Fair and the other in VG- so may be less than what you are looking for. DISNEY COMICS %26 STORIES&hold_cat_descr=W&cat_family=1&family_name=Comics
  4. Great stuff. I love the SW Sanjulian painting. Out of my league but it is great. Good luck.
  5. woman challenging the police to woman challenging an empire
  6. planet comic to planet stories
  7. I am trying to go through my GA UK comics and thought this was a good place to post this along with my slabbed National