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  1. I agree, they should be recognized. I mentioned Best Comics #1 earlier as the first African-American comic book hero but your suggestions were more overt obviously with the title and especially All-Negro Comics, published, drawn and written by African-American creators.
  2. Just an addition when I looked up Crown 3 on GCD, the issue's index has this note , "note from the error list: Voodah is colored like a native African in this comic, but after this issue he is colored like a Caucasian."
  3. Yeah, I am pretty overt in my dislike for Robin but I cannot deny the character's influence and importance for the industry.
  4. According to GCD and many other sources, it is Red Mask in 1939. Here is the quote from the index of GCD - "The Red Mask is the first known published African-American comic book masked hero." If you search, there are quite a few references - here is one - "The cover for issue #1 shows a black man in a red mask punching a white man; the cover of issue #2 shows a white man in a red mask on the cover, but the character inside the book is still black. Considered the first costumed Black hero in the history of comics."' I could very well be wrong, it is what I had always thought and heard.
  5. Reading Applied Science to Applying Science
  6. @Cat-Man_America and @MrBedrock - instead of me going down and liking all your post for the awesome books - a group I'm GREEN with envy
  7. Oh yeah, they are Green. I still wonder why the Hornet's car was called the Black Beauty though?
  8. How about Pep #17 with the death of the Comet leading to his brother becoming the Hangman? Was this the first superhero death in comics? And Best Comics #1 with the first African/American superhero - the Red Mask.
  9. Whiz Comics #2 (not counting the ashcans since he wasn't Marvel in those). Reasons: Intimidated DC so much to sue which took years to finally silence Cap, Didn't Cap outsell Supes for a while?, Led to a family of similar characters (Mary, Jr., the Lieutenants, Tawny, Uncle), The greatest superhero serial (imo) and awesome poster art that along with it, A great anti-villain in Black Adam (first true counter anti-villain (exact opposite of the hero)? Long before Bizzaro. A Monster Society of Evil (was this the first villainous super-group?) A 24 chapter serialized storyline (first? and had to be the longest). Lots of toys, Cap-based advertising (like Daisy BB), story and fun books, etc. And I am not even a Cap collector or real enthusiast but I have to give the Big Red Cheese.
  10. @rob_react tracks record sales and has an article on the most valuable comic books. His site has a lot of great info and articles. It is always a fun topic to explore.
  11. A House of Secrets to a Chamber of Chills
  12. I'm not a romance collector but this is one I want. Pretty copy with nice colors on yours.