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  1. ive had success both buying and selling on "WTB"... More so buying
  2. Premium? Eh, I wouldn't say that, but definitely a little more. Quicker sales? . Absolutely (from my experience anyway) - anything OW or better is fine by me. (on SA books)
  3. beautiful looking 7.5!! shouldn't last long
  4. If you are looking for "Deals".. those days are looooong gone. I saw a hulk 181 1.5 the other day at a local con for $1150 …
  5. Dem1138 is a class guy!... Highly recommended!
  6. bump for an awesome dude!! ………………. Long time no speak!!
  7. I I remember when this was for sale!. Beauty
  8. pass on the 6.0, I do like the 7.0 but the price is extremely aggressive... PM sent though. I have a handful of offers PMed to me!.. keep em coming! will strike a deal soon! and will cycle through PMs when I get home from work tonight thanks so much all!
  9. Hi all! Looking to buy (or partial trade) for a Hulk 181. Looking for grade 7.0 - 8.5 - Centered (no white stripe) and OW/W or preferably WHITE pages. Not looking to set a world record on price either, there's a ton out there so the closest one to what im looking for will get the sale! and will pay NOW!.. Thanks so much guys!.. drop me a line or PM if you have. Jay
  10. Final bump! then moving to another venue... Got a couple hits but still up!... Best looking 6.5 youll see... Thanks all!