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  1. *** FOUND , THX ALL *** hey all Looking to buy HOS92 in a 8.0 to 9.2 . Well centered is pref for my personal collection. , if you have, please send a reply or PM. Thx again
  2. BTW, all the "raw" copies that guy is selling on ebay, are ALL restored. - so yeah. , But as @etowah1123 said, Maybe start a new thread if this is something of concern to you(?) - this thread is mainly for Hulk 181 club collectors/members showing off their 181s! But for some reason I don't think you're a member... could be wrong?
  3. why are you even wasting your time. def a scam
  4. Looking for well centered (Priority) with OW/W pages or better (WP a plus!) Amazing spiderman 129: 7.5 - 8.5/9.0 and Marvel Spotlight 2: 7.0 -9.0 Quick purchase - PM or reply if any available. Thanks!
  5. Post combined
  6. I meant it more as, I think 7.0 is pretty generous. I would grade it lower
  7. That looks like a 9.0+ if not for the scraping ... still unsure how this ended up a 7.0 afterwards,
  8. David is A+ all the way, and super fast shipping!. Wouldn't hesitate to purchase from again.