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  1. you nailed it with your last sentence, "supply and demand"... Just because something may be more common . doesnt mean it wont hold value. And the demand for X-Men will always be very high.
  2. if all 2.0's looked like that, There would be no need to go higher! ... that, right there is a heavy exception on a 2.0!.. lovely copy!
  3. my ticket, love just looking at it .........
  4. Lets bump this club!! been almost a year since action Easily 1 of my favorites and oddly enough, now UNDER RATED & VALUED Mega SA Key! Took a while to find the (my) perfect copy & this book will never leave my grasp!
  5. .. booo!.. House? Travel?.. whats the fun in that! (just kidding) I can definitely respect that!! even though youll come back... they always come back! ill never sell my stash!
  6. - Love this piece! so glad to have it in my collection -
  7. I have both books. & love both books, wouldnt part with either! However. if I had to pick one of the 2 in question, (FF1 5.0 WP OG stan sig vs Xm1 6.0 GR ped).. No question I take the FF1, WPs + a beautiful stan sig, back when his sign actually looked like a signature. . Winner for me! Also, a year ago this trade has no way of happening... how times have changed (so fast!)
  8. - awesome. congrats to both parties
  9. Been asking around without much of an answer. When is the H Ramos signing/remarks taking place? I have a book in for weeks/months and havent had any word on when/if its taking place. But was already charged. Thanks!
  10. GL man, Can't believe I'm saying this, but this is a big time under valued key!...
  11. Bought 2 books off Matt that totaled just about 4 figures. Had no issues at all. Extremely easy to work with and very fast shipping. Highly recommended. Thanks again Matt!