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  1. Love the story WEBHEAD, and perfect Stan placement
  2. MY FAVORITE BA BOOK! COVER! AND CHARACTER! - Johnny BLAZE! Lets keep this BUMPED! Here's a long overdo repost of my forever copy!! (THE best 9.2 I've ever seen or had professionally graded... period! )
  3. Who doesnt like to read original copies!? - love it!
  4. Welcome to the Club, new members! You're all ' s
  5. - so a scammer is asking pretty obvious questions?..
  6. you thought it was unrestored 9.8 for 17k???
  7. idk if I posted my membership card
  8. Been a member for a while, but who doesnt love seeing some hulk #1s!... Hulk Smash!
  9. Easily one of the best marvel SA books!.. IMO having a copy, period is awesome!... Congrats on the upgrade
  10. about 5 comments up is a stunning 6.0
  11. Phil is great Quick negotiation, instant payment. A + all the way. - Enjoy
  12. Great looking 3.5, ill tell you that!
  13. Thanks all! THREAD IS CLOSED! Winners, you bough yourself some amazing books!.. enjoy!
  14. Hulk is pending -FF 48 is still for sale.. Very strong offers. gorgeous book for grade. perfect wrap (hard to come by) .
  15. Thanks all! These are definitely top of the line for said grades. Out of my personal collection. Which is why eye appeal is top notch Appreciate the PMs as well! Will ship asap Monday morning on any sale!
  16. All. For sale out of my personal collection is a Hulk 181 CGC 9.4 White Pages (OLD label, graded in 2007) and (FF48) Fantastic four 48 CGC 7.5 w/ White pages and picture perfect centering!.. Looking for a quick sale! Both are absolutely stunning and great prices! (pictures do it them justices in hand!) ---Hulk 181 cgc 9.4 ++SOLD++ ---FF48 cgc 7.5 -++SOLD++--- **Paypal / Check / Money Order / Venmo accepted ** *****BOTH prices are Fully shipped!! out tomorrow morning! ******* See pics! any questions feel free to ask! Thanks so much! ** No returns on CGC graded books. you are getting the exact book you see ** NO HOS or Probies! ** 1st in Thread or PM (time stamped) Gets books over all discussions