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  1. "Double Quotes" - "Blue under table" - "Bright cover colors" - "Great PQ" - 1st App of Mr Tony Stark - 1 of my favorites!
  2. Been a loooong while since ive display this beaut!... My ticket! , one of the nicest 5.0's ive seen
  3. Theres' always LOVE for DD!.. Heres a pic of my baby
  4. "Fear the walking dead"..... Never watched the show but L O V E D the comics! - GLWTS!
  5. ive had success both buying and selling on "WTB"... More so buying
  6. Premium? Eh, I wouldn't say that, but definitely a little more. Quicker sales? . Absolutely (from my experience anyway) - anything OW or better is fine by me. (on SA books)
  7. beautiful looking 7.5!! shouldn't last long
  8. If you are looking for "Deals".. those days are looooong gone. I saw a hulk 181 1.5 the other day at a local con for $1150 …
  9. Dem1138 is a class guy!... Highly recommended!
  10. bump for an awesome dude!! ………………. Long time no speak!!
  11. I I remember when this was for sale!. Beauty
  12. pass on the 6.0, I do like the 7.0 but the price is extremely aggressive... PM sent though. I have a handful of offers PMed to me!.. keep em coming! will strike a deal soon! and will cycle through PMs when I get home from work tonight thanks so much all!
  13. Hi all! Looking to buy (or partial trade) for a Hulk 181. Looking for grade 7.0 - 8.5 - Centered (no white stripe) and OW/W or preferably WHITE pages. Not looking to set a world record on price either, there's a ton out there so the closest one to what im looking for will get the sale! and will pay NOW!.. Thanks so much guys!.. drop me a line or PM if you have. Jay
  14. Final bump! then moving to another venue... Got a couple hits but still up!... Best looking 6.5 youll see... Thanks all!
  15. ASM 50 6.5. White pages - stunner for grade! FINAL REDUCTION!.. Now only $645!!! - Below going rate, for a beauty of a copy!.. --------------- No HoS/Probies PayPal / Venmo only US Shipping Will be $15. Super fast and secure! International please PM me for rates --------------- 1st in thread or PM (timestamped) gets it over all negotiations. Thanks for looking and if any questions please feel free to PM me!
  16. Not for sale but interested in what someone would pay?..
  17. Free bump!... Great ( and still undervalued) book! Good luck w/your sale!