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Found 38 results

  1. Up for grabs is a DC Direct Green Lantern Ring from 1998. Size 13 Unused and unworn. $200 shipped and insured. Take a look at the photos.
  2. All sorts of fun here. Subscription crease, corner piece missing, edge wear, corner wear and other sorts of minor woe. But darn, I have to say the left side of the book is gorgeous! This might be what? The nicest 1.5 ever? Origin of Dr Fate and Hourman, 1st SA app of Solomon Grundy and 1st SA solo app of GA GL for those at home keeping score.
  3. Hi everyone! I have a 4.0 Showcase 22 I’m looking to move. Last sale was 4K for a cr/ow copy. Asking $4100 shipped for my copy with off white pages! PayPal only. No probies. And no returns on graded books. Feel free to DM me with any questions either here or on my Instagram @murkadellik Plenty of references available if needed!
  4. The CGC label says page 6 detached. I have heard that its actually an non attached insert that was added with the original comic way back when. Does anyone have any idea if this is true? If so I would think it way more valuable and even a better grade if that is the case. Page detached must knock off points. Any golden age Green Lantern experts out there to weigh in?
  5. I have these brand new toppers painted by me now on Ebay. These are 5 day auctions. Good luck!
  6. Check or cashier's check only on this one. If buyer is attending WonderCon this weekend, I can hand deliver the book. 1st solo Golden Age Green Lantern in the Silver Age. 1st Silver Age appearance of Solomon Grundy. Origin of Hourman and Dr. Fate in text. $9500
  7. Green Lantern Hostess Ads

  8. New ebay listing for my Green Lantern #22 Signed by the late creator Mart Nodell. My other listings (including a Signed X-factor Double Cover Misprint + some ASM 361-363 + more):
  9. Looking for: Action Comics 252- cgc 6.0-7.0 Aquaman 11- cgc 7.0-7.5 Brave and the Bold 34- cgc 7.0-7.5 Brave and the Bold 36- cgc 7.5-9.0 DC Comics Presents 26 - cgc 9.8 Flash 105- cgc 7.0 Flash 106- cgc 7.0 Flash 122- cgc 9.0-9.2 Flash 123- cgc 7.0-7.5 Flash 131- cgc 8.5-9.0 Flash 325- cgc 9.8 Green Lantern 5- cgc 7.0-8.5 Green Lantern 6- cgc 7.0-8.5 Green Lantern 87- cgc 9.0-9.4 Hawkman 4- cgc 7.0-8.0 Justice League 12 - cgc 8.0-9.0 Justice League 21- cgc 7.0-8.5 Showcase 22- cgc 6.0-7.0 Wonder Woman 6- cgc 7.0-7.5 Journey Into Mystery 85- cgc 7.5-8.0 X-men 1- cgc 6.0-7.0 (please no marvel chipping) Not looking for any restored copies. Looking to pay around GPA on issues but I am flexible as I know there aren't many sales to go on. PM me with what you have if you're willing to sell, I don't want to hear the I don't really want to let it go story (that will put you on my ignore list) and If you're on my ignore list don't bother.
  10. This one has a few problems that are new to me. Overall the book looks pretty good but the staples are a little rusty and the rust appears to be on the paper too. On the Back Cover there is a little stain near the lower spine, but it is not rust from the staple. Not sure what it is. Also on the back, under the word "Be", there is a 3 inch scored line which looks like a cut - however it does not penetrate and cut through the cover. The cover is intact, it appears to be a light scoring. Any guesses as to a Grade? Thank you in advance!
  11. Hello, ive bought a full set of both dc rebirth green lanterns and dc rebirth Hal Jordan and the green lantern corp. my question is: can I read the full set of green lanterns then Hal Jordan? or, is it required that I read one then the other every month? thanks
  12. Happy New Year everyone! I hope your 2018 is a prosperous and healthy one! I’m off today and decided to try to move some books and under-copies that were taking up space. Take some time during your New Year’s celebration, football and feasting to stop in and take a look! The books offered are all raw. (Back cover scans by request) Shipping is included in the price within the US. I accept Paypal, checks, or money orders. Payment expected within 7 days. Shipping by USPS. Standard rules apply. PM me with any questions/offers. Flexible and easy to deal with. Returns accepted with no questions asked. PM offers are welcome but the first in the thread rules!
  13. CLOSED

    Hello everybody! I’m reopening this thread instead of starting another one. I’m listing a few more slabs here first before I list them somewhere else, not sure if there’ll be any interest but I’ll give it a shot This is my first sales thread on the boards, here is a link to my eBay profile so you guys can check my feedback there: Im gonna list a couple sketch covers here instead of eBay (Getting more and more nervous to list expensive books there.) Here’s the rules First in the thread or a pm wins No Probies or HOS You can return a book within two weeks of receiving it, buyer pays return shipping unless I messed up or missed something. I prefer PayPal, and payment within a week unless something else is agreed upon. Shipping is $13 anywhere in the CONUS, $2 for an additional graded book. It will be fully insured. If you live outside of the US you can contact me for a quote. Offers are welcome Thanks for looking!
  14. Hello all, I have a full run of Blackest Night storyline on Ebay at an extremely low starting price 0.99cents Have a look
  15. I'm not sure what to make of this. The comic is pretty rough, and the spine is a mess! The spine and staples are actually intact with only a few little holes, but it looks as if someone once tried to color over the spine with a black marker. Any guesses of a grade? It is even Fair? Are there any restoration options worth doing? Thank you in advance!
  16. WTB Showcase 22 low grade raw. low grade and a raw copy complete. PM me if you have one for sale.
  17. Selling some CGC books as I need to raise funds.. First to indicate gets the book. Prices below are all before OBO, can do free shipping if take 2 books SHIPPING: Shipping is a flat rate of $25 which includes insurance. Will be boxed up and tracking will be provided. PAYMENT: Strictly paypal only. Will PM the winner for email address for invoice, Thanks for looking $320 OBO $350 OBO
  18. FS: Gil Kane drawing Doomsday taking on the Green Lantern Corps, how could you possibly top that ? By having Jerry Ordway provide the inks ! One of the very best pages from DOOMSDAY ANNUAL #1, which featured Kane & Ordway's one and only collaboration (on one short chapter): Killer images of Superman's killer, as well as a very cool, Gil Kane designed, new alien Green Lantern, plus - the Guardians Of The Universe ! Feel free to contact me at: Thanks, Gal
  19. What do you think? Cover and centerfold are both attached at both staples.
  20. Selling some slabs! Shipping USPS priority $12 up to 3 slabs. Canada at cost. Paypal within 24hrs. No returns on slabs. You know the rules, let's roll. SHARK BAIT - $2800 shipped for all of them until first item sells. New Teen Titans #2 (9.8 White) - $525 | Batman #655 Kubert Variant (9.8 White) - $425 | Batman #635 (9.8 White) - $225 | Green Lantern #59 (8.5 OW-W) - $350 | Green Lantern #87 (9.2 OW-W) - $500 | Brave and the Bold #60 (6.5 OW) - $325 | Tales of Teen Titans #44 (9.8 White) - $275 | Punisher #2 Opena Variant (9.8 White) - $400 |
  21. Dear Purveyors of Original Art, trying something different --please check out my auctions that end this Sunday October 1st at 7pm EST on Mike DeCarlo and Frank Giacoia Green Lantern #155 Story page 7 (DC, 1982). 1st Appearance of Green Lantern Tuebeen Bob Hall and Joe Sinnott The Avengers #252 Page 11 (Marvel, 1985). Bob Hall, Joe Rubinstein and Joe DelBeato The Avengers #254 Page 6 (Marvel, 1985). Al Kupperberg Captain America #260 Unused Cover Original Art (Marvel, 1981) Greg LaRocque Power Man and Iron Fist #91 Page 30 Original Art (Marvel, 1983). James Sherman Super-Team Family #10 Story Page 19 Original Art (DC, 1977). All are no reserve and there are some real bargains just waiting to be sniped :O) Best regards, Will Gabri-El
  22. Ok I am not sure if I hit the lotto on something, or if I just got something really cool to frame, and hang on the wall. Please see attached images, and please if anyone can help, I would really appreciate it! No I did not pay what the tag has on it!
  23. Hi all, I'm looking for a GA Green Lantern 26 in FN or better with no restoration. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.
  24. Found!

  25. Hi everyone, I'm offering a handful of raw Green Lanterns up for sale, and I'm selling them because I've decided to slightly reduce my collecting focus. All of these books were purchased in 2000 and 2001 when I first got into collecting Silver Age comics, and as far as I can tell none of them have been pressed. Those of you who've sold raw books to me in the past know I ask a bunch of questions when I'm interested in a book, and I can say that none of these books have: Loose or detached staples Rusty staples A loose or detached centerfold Spine splitting Soiling, water damage, stains or fingerprints Tears (especially around the staples) Chipping or dents unless noted Major creases, unless noted Any writing on or in the book Any printing defects (printers creases, smudges, etc.) Any interior defects (tears, missing page corner chips, etc.) I will charge exact shipping to ship these books insured via USPS Priority Mail, and the shipping cost will depend on the number of books you buy and your location (I'm willing to ship anywhere in the world, but I know USPS Priority Mail shipping costs are high outside of the U.S. ). I accept PayPal, checks or money orders. The first gets the book, but I will also listen to offers via PM. Since these are raw books I will accept returns or make things right should you not be happy with a book, and please No probies and HOSers. Now on to the good stuff...thanks for looking! Art