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Found 5 results

  1. Have about 10-11 books of golden goodness to unload. Sale will hopefully start tonight around 9-10 pm EST. They range from hero, Jungle, romance and western. My Kudos Thread: Rules are as usual: First Wins, will always respond to PMs with reasonable offers on any of the books. All books are raw. Will try to post plenty of pictures as to clarify the grade as I am not a professional grader. Always want transparency with what you’ll be receiving and everyone to be satisfied! No HOS or problem boardies Payment: PayPal preferred or check (will shipped once cleared) Shipping: $10.00 USPS Priority with tracking and insurance for full amount of book. Returns: Will accept returns up to a week of receiving books for full refund. Buyer must pay return shipping. If you have any questions or concern don’t be afraid to reach out! Hope to see everyone there!
  2. DeadOne's ALL MAG. SALE 2018 No HOS/Probation List Please. in the thread trumps everything. Offers welcome of course. Returns accepted. Buyer expected to pay return shipping so please ask questions before you purchase. Shipping, anywhere in the world, is at cost unless an item is otherwise marked "Free Shipping".Media Mail is NOT an option from me, so First Class, Priority, or the ever so slow and still costly USPS Retail Ground are the only options.(I do my very best to choose the cheapest and safest methods of shipping available. I do use Regional Rate Priority Boxes for domestic buyers which saves quite a bit in some circumstances.)If you're looking for an estimate on shipping, PM me, or use the Calculator At USPS... my zip is 48131 FYI... USPS rates go up January 21st. Payment via PayPal is preferred but I'll do Cashier Check, or Money Order if you wish. Back Scans for each book listed is in spoilers below the front scan unless otherwise noted. COMPLETE RECAP ON PAGE 34 ALL SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN MAGAZINES NOW 30% OFF ALL MAGAZINE SETS NOW 10% OFF ALL INDIVIDUALLY LISTED MAGAZINES NOW 25% OFF
  3. Since my thread a few days ago went so well, I decided I would go overspend again ! Just kidding (sorta) but I picked up a few new books at a local show and figured I would let others take a crack at some of them. Rules: PayPal only please. Shipping is a flat $14 for slabs $7 for raw books (in the US only, sorry) unless stated otherwise, shipped in a USPS flat rate priority mail box for slabs. Nobody from the lists. First wins (including over PM discussions). No returns unless I have overlooked something major, so please be sure before you purchase. References: I don't have an official thread, bought I have bought plenty here and sold some too. Please feel free to pm me with offers.
  4. Hey all, I snagged a nice lot of raw GA books to sell. Little bit of everything, Some hero books, Some funny stuff, A pair of Wings and a ton of other goodies. Shipping is $6 per book. Orders over $100 ship free. Books will be packed very well and shipped quickly. Payment via Paypal for this one. Returns within one week ok as long as the books are in the same condition as when you got them. I priced them pretty fast and some are a little tough, so if something seems high in price feel free to shoot me a message about the offense. Im going to try and aim low as I got them for a good price. First in the thread or via PM wins. Ongoing negeations do not count as a claim. Pretty much everything is BIN, but I'm open to offers. Especially on multiple books. I have a kudos thread somewhere and can provide as many references as you like. Ebay name is domuhnatorcomics I have 100% Positive feedbacks I think thats everything! I will attempt to get as many of them up as I can now/tonight.
  5. Kirby Obscura! Gold and Silver mixed genre reading fun! First the legalese; Paypal preferred but not required, shipping is USPS add $5 US, internationals please PM. Returns are OK! No Shameful, listy types, please. Opening things with a reader Boy's Ranch #5 (p/fr) that presents great, is complete, but has a 100% detached spine split. Also a bit flakey, so super cheap! $10! Now $9! Now $5!