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Found 52 results

  1. Here:
  2. TALES OF SUSPENSE #39, raw (ungraded), on auction. Ends Friday, December 8, 2017. Check it out and my other eBay auctions and Buy-It-Now listings: Comics Unlimited's eBay shop!

    Looking to buy a copy of Iron Man #55 in any grade from 7.5-8.5, preferably a graded copy with OW/W pages, but willing to hear offers on raw (unrestored) books. Prices listed are for CGC graded and exclude shipping/insurance cost (ie I'll pay an additional $20+ to have it shipped/insured within the continental USA). 7.5 (~$600) 8.0 (~$710) 8.5 (~$825) Full disclosure, I basically took the 6 month average from Gocollect and subtracted 10% (eBay fees) to arrive at my numbers. I do not have access to GPA, so if my amounts are below GPA, i'm willing to adjust my prices accordingly. Payment can be made via PayPal. No HoSers and Probies. Thanks.
  4. Can any body tell me what this comic book is worth please? thanks
  5. Hi everyone, For sale I have two higher grade silver age books featuring Captain America. Both books CGC 8.5. I thought the Sgt Fury should have been a 9.0 but it is what it is Both books have been pressed. 1st gets it. Shipping is $12 for one or both books! If outside CONUS, PM me first. I accept checks, m.o.'s and PP. I accept returns within five days of receipt but as they are graded, shipping is at buyers expense. Sorry about the scanner glare at the top of each comic Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #13 SOLD!! 679 universal copies on census. 114 graded higher, 506 graded lower! A gorgeous copy! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tales of Suspense #58 $650 $625 552 universal copies on census. 81 graded higher, 432 graded lower!
  6. I need to pay off a big purchase, so here is a random listing of books for your perusal... Don't be hesitant to make REASONABLE offers. REFERENCES KUDOS ACCEPTED PAYMENT cash, check, or money order, or buyer adds 3% for paypal TERMS OF SALE First unconditional in the thread gets the book and will trump any ongoing PM transactions. PMs welcomed for additional information. Returns accepted within 7 days. No probies or HoS members. SHIPPING Free to US (Canada -$15, buyer pays balance) Daredevil 1 CGC 8.0 ~ $5000 $4750 Tales to Astonish 1 CGC 3.5 ~ $1220 $1200 Superman 76 1.0-1.5? ~ $220 - Total spine split, detached. SOLD World of Fantasy 1 ~ 3.0-3.5 ~ $125 $115 Showcase 8 ~ 1.5-1.8 ~ $640 $625 $610 Suspense Comics 7 CGC 7.0 ~ $985 Flash 116 ~ 5.5-6.0 ~ $50 Brave & Bold 28 CGC 5.0 ~ $5300 $5200 Justice League 1 CGC 4.0 ~ $1200 SOLD Iron Man 1 CGC 8.5 ~ $840 Action 252 CGC 4.0 ~ $1500 some rust on staples Strange Tales 3 & 4 ~ $500 $480 for the pair Amazing Spider-Man 4 CGC 5.0 ~ $685 SOLD The Flash 105 CGC 4.0 ~ $1675 SOLD
  7. Selling almost all of my collection, each set will be grouped by title and the larger runs broken up into more manageable lots to keep package weight & postage reasonable. Shipping is included in the list price for all claims within the U.S., all international claims will be listed price plus the actual cost of postage via USPS International Priority Mail. THE RULES (these will be enforced and adhered to whether you read them or not, so . . . maybe read them ) Questions are welcome except those offering lower than posted prices or asking me to break up a lot or mix/match books between lots. I’ve given general grades to each book but not overly scrutinized them so if you’d like to see closer shots or a particular angle of a specific book or know I’ll post here in the thread for everyone to have a look. Books with an * next to them indicates a book in structurally better shape than the listed grade but I have lowered significantly due to some degree of foxing or moisture damage, books in bold indicate a newsstand edition with the UPC barcode on the front cover (when there are multiple copies of a single issue in bold that means at least one of them is a newsstand, if not all). is king and timestamp trumps any PM communications. It is the buyer's responsibility to post the in the thread after any PM communication to officially finalize the deal, any unconditional posted before that will be the winner regardless. Payment needs to be made via PayPal within 2 days of claim unless other arrangements are made (ignoring and/or not reading messages will not extend the time) Feedback is here. No Probies, HOS members or anyone I have on ignore.
  8. Standard rules apply. No HOS or Pros please. I am starting to sell off the mass amounts of Comic books I have accumulated to buy a house (and more Comic books) First gets the book! This trumps previous negotiations unless both parties have come to an agreement, at which time I will close the thread. I accept checks, money orders, or PP. PP should be paid within 48 hours. I will ship the book as soon as the check clears. I always allow a 14 days no questions asked return policy, so long as the book is returned in the same case and condition is was sent in. Free shipping! I ship USPS priority mail. I can send more pics upon request. Please PM me with any questions.
  9. Selling some CGC books as I need to raise funds.. First to indicate gets the book. Prices below are all before OBO, can do free shipping if take 2 books SHIPPING: Shipping is a flat rate of $25 which includes insurance. Will be boxed up and tracking will be provided. PAYMENT: Strictly paypal only. Will PM the winner for email address for invoice, Thanks for looking $320 OBO $350 OBO
  10. Hey everybody! Picked this guy up at NYCC. I am brand new to all of this and wanted to know what you guys think of the condition as well as if it could use some restoration love. If I need more pics I am happy to provide them, although I’m a little scared to take it out of the plastic :p.
  11. Hey every body noob to all of this but I just bought Iron Man and Sub-Mariner at NYCC. I haven’t had it rated yet but I wanted to know if restoration was worth it? It is by no means in perfect condition but it also isn’t a rag. And I wasn’t sure if the purple label was a “dreaded” purple label. Thanks everyone!
  12. I'm going to be listing the rest of my Tales to Astonish books. The 1st 20 books are all original owner copies, they all have nice color and nice pages. Centerfolds and covers are firmly attached. Pages are nice and supple, most are very light. It doesn't mean they are super high grade, (they were read) but I knew and bought them from the people who bought them off the rack and I'd be shocked if they were pressed, cleaned or had any resto. As a matter of fact, if you find any, let me know, I'll refund and you can keep the book;) After I list these, I'll list a few more that I bought from other sources. None of those should be pressed either, but I don't know the people who bought them off the rack;) I'm going to provide grades on these, and a short description. If you have any questions, just ask. If I don't post them and you would like inside pictures, just ask. I am going to try to keep the prices low, I'd appreciate payment within 3 days, if you can't do that, please let me know before buying. Payment, Paypal or checks, take off 5% if paying by check. Shipping, 1-2 books sent 1st class in a sturdy mailer with strong cardboard ,boards $4.00 3-4 books sent in a priority mailer (with a super strong board and a strong cardboard) $6.00 Boxed Priority up to 12 books in a Regional box A (well packed) $7 to $11 depending on where you live. I'm shipping from NY, so if you are near NY, it's likely to be $7 (or even less) and if you are on the West Coast, then figure $11. Anyone who prefers a box, is welcome to a box, just let me know. I charge exact shipping or less, no handling fees. I pay for private insurance and tracking. I gladly sell to boarders from outside the US, but you have to pay for exact shipping. For Canada, I can send about 4 books for $15.50 first class boxed. If you want an envelope to save on postage, it would be about half that (and I will use boards, but I will not take returns on books sent out of the US in an envelope. These all come from a non smoking home. If you don't know me, I have some eBay feedback, and a few pages on here. First Take it Wins, here or in a pm wins (or text, or smoke signal;) Returns for ANY reason. If I make a mistake I'll pay for return postage, if you make a mistake, then you pay for return postage. Book must be returned within 7 days (and you must notify me within 3 days of receipt). I pack carefully, if you return something please pack the same way (I don't get a lot of returns, but one never knows;) No list people please.
  13. Hello. I am looking to fill in my Iron Man gaps. I am looking for 9.8 candidates to finish out my Copper/ Modern Iron Man run. If you have some let me know what you have and your asking price. Thank for your time. Issues I'm looking for are 132,140,141,148,152,156,160,162,163,169,179,200,208,213,262,289,296,302,304,305,312,313,314,315,319,325,326.
  14. Hi all, Welcome to a sales thread in which I will share an original owner silver age collection that I have worked for the last year to acquire. First, U.S. Only, shipping is actual. (If ya simply gotta have it, and you are an upstanding boardie who is O-U-S, PM me and we can discuss terms, costs, risk management re: international shipping vagaries, etc) BUT, that said, in the thread trumps, time stamp rules. Payment is Money Order or check. I'm sorry but I don't have Paypal and don't want one more e-thing in my life to manage. Don't be a listy, shame-y sort Returns accepted; just notify me within three days of receipt and send it back on your dime, unless I missed something. Next, a bit of background on this (I think) special offering, and then we will commence to the goat-roping, beginning tonight with Daredevil and some of the TTA books, at least. I will probably need several nights to offer everything; feel free to pile until I have announced all books are posted, or when you are done just PM me a shipping address and I'll get a real postage number back to you. Edited Wednesday at 07:04 AM by Readcomix
  15. FS Romita JR World War Hulk pages. W/ Hulkbuster !! No HOS or people on probation list Only shipping within US Shipping will be $15 1st wins. Please contact me for more details or questions. JRJRWorld War Hulk 1 page 26 $1,300. Really one of the best splash pages from this Event. I absolutely love the spit and rage on Hulk's face. JRJR World War Hulk 1 page 37. Fantastic piece, that seems to have been an inspiration for the Avengers movie. You can't get more "hulk smash" than this page. $700
  16. Hi everyone, having a little sale to move out some stuff before the summer ends. I haven't sold much on the boards, but I have bought plenty of stuff and there are numerous people who would (hopefully) vouch for me. Also have an ebay account with a bit of feedback (odinssecrets). I will do my best to point out any flaws on the books, and please be aware that my camera tends to brighten photos up a bit, so things might seem lighter/whiter than they appear in hand. Paypal only please. Shipping is $14 (in the US), shipped in a USPS flat rate priority mail box or $6 media mail (no slabs in media mail). No additional shipping charge for more than one book. Nobody from the lists. First wins. Please feel free to pm me with offers.
  17. Hey guys, WIll be listing a few books in the next couple of days. Trying to raise $4000 for some recent purchases. USD$ Please Usual rules apply. Payment by Paypal please. No hall of shamers or probbies. Thanks Shipping from canada. CGC Shipping within canada $18, Shipping to the US $24 Raw: Shipping within canada $5, Shipping to the US $8 Kudos: EBAY: richarm87 Copper Thread:
  18. Okay, I've put up some page on eBay. Five pages from Cloak and Dagger #1 (1988 series), with art by Dan Lawlis and featuring X-Factor. These are good pages with action and the title characters. I've also put up five Iron Man pages from the 90's, with art by Terry Shoemaker and that are pretty much all splash pages (including a couple of "cover quality" ones). All of this is, in the parlance, known as "the good stuff!" And the price has been lowered from the listed prices (for most of them). So, maybe this time you cheapskates will actually bid (though I doubt it). Here's where they can be seen (along with a few sketch covers on the cheap, if you are into that kind of thing): Needless to say International addresses and some mobile devices won't show these auctions. All I can say is, if you don't like it, move to the U.S. or go view them on an actual computer.
  19. Just for fun, I thought I'd start a thread for people to predict the final hammer price for this Iron Man 55 Drax/Iron Man battle panel page by Jim Starlin. The Drax splash from this book just sold for $44,777. And a Starlin Warlock page recently sold for $22,750 I'm guessing $30K for this one. Maybe a tad higher.
  20. CLOSED!

    Hi everyone, It's been a while since I've done a raw book sale, but these boxes are starting to pile up and it's time to let some of these go. There will be many lots ranging from 6-15 books per lot, and also many single listings of keys/semi-keys. I will be listing a decent amount of books today, starting at 6:00PM PST, and I'll post the remaining books sometime tomorrow. Please check out my kudos: My Kudos Rules: 1. Unconditional in thread trumps PM. 2. Shipping for one comic is $6 in the US. Add $4 for every additional five books (yes, freebies count toward this rule), but the maximum you'll have to pay is $20. Free shipping if you spend over $100. I ONLY ship USPS Priority Mail. PM me with info on international shipping. 3. Acceptable payment: PayPal 4. Payment due 2 days of purchase. 5. No buyers from the HOS or PL, please.
  21. Conan 11

    Just won this in the Comic Link auction. A tough one to find in the higher grades slabbed. A surprise also, since my winning bid was under $250. Barry Windsor-Smith at his best! Marvel high grade acquisitions are easy to secure, so it seems. Enjoy.
  22. The winner is decided by an (or similar... "take" is fine if you're trying to be fast) based on time stamp, regardless of how I get the message (i.e. either PM or reply to this post). If you're in the process of making an offer/ we're negotiating, others can still beat you with an unconditional "I'll take it," even if your initial message was first - up until the point where you tell me you'll take it at the agreed-upon price. Then time stamps will be compared. No House Of Shame or Probationary members, or anyone else that I deem unsavory. Returns: Please no returns; sorry! The main book here is CGC graded, and the rest are cheap enough/beat enough that it shouldn't be an issue. If you feel really strongly that I've misrepresented something, we can discuss it and reach a friendly resolution. I'm a reasonable person. Shipping: Shipping on the ToS 39 is at my expense. It will be insured for full purchase price. For all other books, it's $5 for the first book plus $1.50 for each book after that. Shipping to US only unless we agree otherwise in PM. Payment: Paypal. I'll eat the fees. Tell me when you're done shopping and I'll provide a PayPal address for payment. ---------------------------------- ToS 39 CGC 1.5 purple label (pieces added, archival) - off to eBay!
  23. Hello guys , a mexican store just released some exclusive 1st Marvel App packs . They started this month with Spiderman , the package contains the first 3 appearences : Amazing Fantasy 15 ASM 1 ASM 2 I am asking $50 the pack (i have 3) and i am asking $50 + $10 shipping to USA registered or priority ($25) 2packages sold , one package left Rules No people from bad lists Paypal in USD funds No returns (package is sealed and the front book looks Great!) All Star Comics 8 Sealed Pack + 6 surprise comics , the All Star 8 looks gorgeous . i have 3 packs $50 each pack + $15 shipping to US (if you take 2 or more $30) Canada pays $30 shipping