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Found 5 results

  1. Y'know how some people start a thread with "just one book tonight?" Well, just 147 books tonight... Welcome to the Hexbox auction, a 147-book Jonah Hex extravaganza. On average, much of the lot is high side of mid-grade, with books mostly between F and VF, though there are some outliers to either side. The All-Star Western #10 is more in the VG range, with centerfold detached at the top staple. I will provide a few exemplary pix; happy to add any by request. The winning bidder gets: All-Star Western #10-12 & Weird Western Tales #13-38 (complete Jonah Hex run), Jonah Hex #1-92 (complete set), Hex #1-18 (complete set), Secret Origins #21, the 1977 Jonah Hex Spectacular, Vertigo Jonah Hex miniseries Riders of the Worm and Such (#1-5, complete) and a reader copy of the Jonah Hex Two-Gun Mojo TPB. Whew! Get hated by your postal carrier! I offered this once before as a straight sale; let's have some fun and see what an auction does. If I've missed any essential auction rules, someone please gently prod me and I will add/correct ASAP. I want this to be fun for anyone who is at all interested, so therefore opening bid will be low, bid increments will be low, and BIN will be fair but much greater than opening bid. Will ship U.S. Or Canada at actual cost. (FYI, I am in the northeast; I priced this to NYC at around $25 and LA at around $75. It's about 25-26 lbs of comics.) Payment is Money Order or Check. Returns: Sure, just notify me within three days of receipt and get it back to me on your dime in the same shape. Don't be listy Auction-Specific rules: Auction opens soon as all initial pics are posted (coming ASAP) and closes at 11 pm EST on this coming Thursday, July 12. (To clarify, a 10:59 pm post is good; an 11 pm post is too late to qualify). In the unlikely event of a tie, we will panic, fret, consult a psychic, and think of something. After a nice sandwich. Opening bid is $275 If you are close enough to easily meet in person, I am happy to meet and eliminate shipping. That said, I like my Dunkin black with a turbo shot. Bids are in whole dollars, with $1 minimum increments. BIN is $900 More/different additional pix? Just ask! Bid (and krap) away!
  2. Up for offer is one BIG lot of Jonah Hex, an entire magazine box plus, bagged and boarded, almost 150 books. But first, First in thread wins Payment is money order or check. Don't be listy Price includes U.S. Shipping Returns/ Sure, just notify me within three days of receipt and get it back on your dime in the same shape.
  3. Lastly for this week of low content anagram fun, let's see what we can do with this latest round of purchases from the wilds of eBay. A nice little run of high-grade Weird Western Tales featuring Jonah Hex! Such good stuff. I especially like this cover Weird Western Tales #25 from December 1974. Jonah Hex riding out on horseback from a pit of quicksand! How badass is that?! Anyways, anagrams... Jonah Hex = ? I got nothing here. Hex is an enigma even in the world of anagrams. Weird Western Tales = Tawdriest Newsreel Newsreels wouldn't be a thing for another 50 years in Hex's world, but I can only imagine that if they were around in the wild west, they would've been quite tawdry! Have a great weekend everyone, thanks for reading!
  4. Continuing our look at the non-Superman titles that I still actively collect, we have the newest title that I've decided to fill out a run on...and that is Jonah Hex! As far back as I can remember I've always been a fan of westerns, much to the chagrin of my wife and son who sigh and roll their eyes when I come across one while flipping through the t.v. listings. Although I do the same to my wife when Grease is on, so I suppose it's all good. Anyways, with as much as I like a good western movie, I never did really give the western comic book genre much of a shot. I remember sampling the Joe Lansdale/Tim Truman/Vertigo mini-series from the mid-90's, and they were all right. It wasn't until the Palmiotti/Gray run from 2006 that I really started to appreciate the beauty of the done-in-one, grizzled, morality plays set in the old west. There is also something about this genre that brings out the best in artists, similar to the beauty that cinematographers are able to capture in their movies. I also enjoyed the heck out of the New52 run, even when they went modern day and had Booster Gold along for the ride. It was a nice nod the Hex series from the mid-80's. I've since eBayed off those runs, and put the funds into putting together a collection of vintage Hex. All-Star Western #11 from May 1972, featuring the 2nd appearance of Jonah Hex, is my newest acquisition that I picked up earlier in the month. Thanks to Hero Time Comics in Southgate, MI for this book. It's rare when you have a comic book store that has a good selection of back issues for sale at a decent price point, so I usually try to stop by when I'm visiting customers on his end of town. Hex's third appearance in Weird Western Tales #12 from July 1972 I picked up on the boards a couple of months ago. Thanks to @SOLAR BOY for the killer sales threads from earlier in the year, as he also helped me fill out my Doom Patrol run as well. I was also able to pick up a lot of the first 8 issues of his solo title from the boards as well, but it's been a while and I can't remember who I picked them up from. Jonah Hex #1 from April 1977. I could look at Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez drawn Jonah Hex all day. Such good stuff! Classic Bernie Wrightson cover of Jonah Hex #9 from February 1978. Unfortunately, after this issue, I have a big old hole in the run up leading up to issue #72. I picked up a great high-grade run of the last 20 issues of this title from an auction at my LCS, and I ended up paying about fifty cents a copy for those. Such good stuff for an insanely low price! I love the tag line at the top of the cover..."You liked heroes as a kid? Great! Now maybe it's time you grew up!" Yeah, grow up a drink a couple bottles of whiskey, you no-good freeloading kids! ...and since you're all grown up now, you should enjoy this cover of this nice lady getting dressed for work. A fitting final cover for the Jonah Hex series. Since this is in theory a Superman-centric journal, how about this cover of Jonah Hex #91 from June 1985... ...which is a classic homage to Superman #243 from October 1971.
  5. Walkin' Willie's Comix has some nice items on eBay right now - Click this link for more details! eBay Most Watched Item App at Walkin' Willie's Comix >>> Auctions Ending Sunday, 3/5/2017 <<<< True Comics #77 - Lou Boudreau, Jean Lafitte, FBI and MORE - GOOD! Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Atomic Age / Silver Age Lot - Six (6) Big Books! Flash Gordon #5 - Al Williamson Art - Solid VG! The Phantom #6 - Gold Key - VG Minus! Jonah Hex #1 - CGC 9.6! Jonah Hex Bronze Age Lot - Six (6) Big Books! Lord Of The Rings Pez Limited Edition Set - Eight Dispensers & Candy - In Box! Good Luck and Thanks for looking!