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Found 25 results

  1. Hi all. Been a while since I did a sales thread. Been mostly buying. Recently bought an OO collection so time to pay the bill. This will be a short thread with a few of the OO books along with a few others. Unable to do time payments on these books, other than a few weeks as will be leaving for the Summer the end of the month. Not too much GPA info on most of these but have tried to price using market conditions. Hard to part with the OO books but that's life. The OO books are beautiful. Been buying and selling on Ebay since 1999 with nearly 4000 100% positive feedback. On the boards since 2014. 35 year collector. Many board references both buying and selling. Shipping in the US is $12 for slabs. $7.00 for raw books. Can ship out of U.S. Inquire for rates. Paypal, Checks or MO's. Arrangement for payment within 3 days. I ship securely and fast. Ship within 1 business day once payment is received If you don't like my price make an offer. No harm in asking. First here or in a PM wins. In thread trumps PM's No naughty list people please. Returns for any reason within 7 days. No returns on slabbed books Thanks for checking out my thread. kudos thread: Pep Comics 66 7.0 OO collection. Gorgeous copy with only 3 graded, the highest being an 8.5. SOLD!
  2. Hi Guys, Looking for the first page to a Mystic 6 or it can be a coverless copy complete or incomplete as long as it has the first page...Please let me know, I can pay cash or trade. Thanks again
  3. Ok, first MY RULES NO HOS OR PL MEMBERS First (or variation of I'll take it) posted in thread wins or via PM wins. Timestamp deciding factor. OFFERS ENCOURAGED VIA PM PAYMENT INFO Paypal payments preferred, check/money order possible. Payment expected within 48 hours of - if you need additional time, please contact me SHIPPING INFO Shipping will be at cost. ABOUT ME I've been buying/selling comics here for a bit of time. Have made several deals with established board members. I have feedback in the kudos section if you want to check it out. BOOKS books have NOT been pressed RETURN POLICY 30 day return policy
  4. I recently acquired a HUGE collection of MICROFICHE which are mostly Golden Age with a a few key Silver Age thrown. In case you aren't aware, MICROFICHE are complete issues of rare comics condensed onto an index card-sized negative. They can be easily viewed on any MICROFICHE reader (most libriaries ahve these for free) or used to create full color copies of the issues. These are all in near-mint condition with no flaws. Usual rules apply, no probies or outcasts, PM's are welcome, but any trumps everything. I'll ship free anywhere within the US for over $50. Orders under $50 please include $5.00 for US shipping. International order please PM me and we will work out shipping. There are lots here but I figured a good place to start would be with some very scarce timely Atlas titles: Marvel Mystery Comics #6 #7 #8 #9 - asking $15 each #36 #40 #41 #44 #53 #75 #76 #79 - asking $12 each Captain America #22 #30 #31 #32 #33 #34 #46 - asking $12 each All Winners #11 #13 - asking $12 each Mystic Comics #1 #2 - asking $12 each Sub Mariner #13 #34 #35 #36 #37 #38 #39 - asking $12 each USA Comics #9 #10 - asking $15 each MANY more titles available...PM me with any requests.
  5. Hello friends. On this Super-Bowl Sunday I wanted to give the community here an opportunity at a GGA Sports themed book before tucking it back away into Bounty's Book Vault for the future. The Rules: The Deal: in thread takes precedence over IM. Willing to take offers. Let's Talk. The Payment: I will accept Money Order, Check (must clear), Paypal. Anything else check with me first but I am flexible. Payment expected within 2 weeks unless agreed upon directly with me. The Shipping: I will ship the books how ever you want. Just expect it to take additional time to send out if not USPS. I will charge the exact cost and let you pay for the amount of Insurance and Extras that you want. The Return: No Returns on this book. It's CGC Graded; I will pack it bomb proof any issues outside of this would be grounds for Insurance Claims. Ask me questions if you have any. The Wild Card: Do you have a nice copy of Blue Bolt #105 or Mask #2 by LB Cole? Let's Talk. My Kudos: Remaining Details Coming Momentarily...
  6. Trying to sell a bit to offset purchases. I really don't want to part with either of these, so they are priced very aggressively. Additionally, if one of the books sells, the thread is closed, and any further take its or negotiations are voided. (Edit: Taking both books is also not allowed) Rules: PayPal only please. Shipping is a flat $14 for slabs $7 for raw books (in the US only, sorry) unless stated otherwise, shipped in a USPS flat rate priority mail box for slabs. Nobody from the lists. First wins (including over PM discussions). No returns unless I have overlooked something major, so please be sure before you purchase. References: I don't have an official thread, bought I have bought plenty here and sold some too. Please feel free to pm me with offers.
  7. I'll be searching for a decent Golden Age comic at the big convention this May with a WWII cover, preferably with a German cover. I really like the Marvel Mystery Comics title, but I'd be willing to also examine Captain America. Does MMC generally run more expensive than CA, or vice versa? Is one easier to find than the other? My budget will only go up to about $1200 - absolute max , and I really don't want to go under a 4.0 grade-wise.
  8. .99 start, free shipping.
  9. So I still owe some folks some funds for a couple of books I purchased. I am going to sell some books to hopefully raise enough funds to pay them both off Paypal is the preferred method of payment, all sales in US dollars. An in the thread trumps any ongoing PM discussions or offers. No Hall of Shame or Probation folks please, I will not sell to you. Shipping for raw books is a maximum flat fee of $10 to Canada and the US, no matter how many books you purchase Shipping to Europe is a maximum flat fee of $20 no matter how many books you purchase. Shipping is included in the asking price for all slabs anywhere in the US or Canada. Elsewhere shipping will be at cost minus what I would have spent on shipping to the US. Returns are accepted up to one week after you have received the item, return shipping is at your expense. Going to put a couple of nice GA slabs up for sale to start, and probably a lot more raw books starting tomorrow. Enjoy the thread. Warmest Regards, Jason
  10. I recently received several boxes of books I had slabbed, all at the same time. Much to my surprise (duh), they don't fit in the same space, lol. These slabs are huge, so I'm going to sell a few. Almost all the books I'll be listing this week, are books I had planned on keeping, but since I ran out of practical closet/cabinet space , I had to change plans. I accept Paypal or Checks/MO's. If you want to pay with a check, you can deduct 5% from the price. Payment is expected within 1 week unless you have advised me in advance of a different time and I agree. Shipping is by priority mail, I double box slabs and I use cardboard, etc. I also have private insurance, so insurance is included, but shipping is not. I'll ship to anywhere, you pay exact shipping. I'm shipping from NY, so if you are in California cost will be higher than on the east coast. I ship as soon as possible. Time payments are possible, but all payments must be finished by Oct 1. 20% downpayment (non refundable) is required within 3 days. I take returns on anything for any reason. Just let me know within 3 days of receipt and returns must be made within 7 days. You pay return shipping on slabs, because if there is an error in the grading, it wouldn't be my error;) If you need longer, let me know before you take a book please. 1st here or in a pm, wins. If there is a tie, I'll flip a coin;) No HOS people or List people please. My pricing I'm not really confident about my skills with GPA, but I do subscribe. I'm not a dealer and I don't have my finger on the “pulse” of the market, but I did some research when I priced these. I looked at GPA, eBay, Heritage, Metro and if I couldn't find anything there, I looked at a few more dealer websites, or I just guessed;) If you think I am way off for some reason (too high), please let me know and you are welcome to make a counter offer. Of course you can also do that if I'm too low;) but I'm not really expecting that to happen;) Please note, these are all books I had planned to keep, so I'm not planning on discounts on the thread. I reserve the right to change my mind, but I'm not planning on any;)
  11. Hello all, I am looking to collect more World War II covers in general but have been fond of Date Stamps on them as well. I'm less concerned about condition and more of finding cool WWII cover books with Date Stamps. If you have some and are considering loosening them up let me know! Even if you don't want to sell them, I would love to see them No real limits. As long as it is along the lines of WWII, Nazis, Japanese, Bomber Planes, Tanks, Ships, during the WWII time period with a Date Stamp I am game!
  12. Unconditional via timestamp wins over any other negotiations. No House of Shame or Probationary members. I don't like dealing with returns, so please make sure you do what you need to feel confident about your decision. I have no problem uploading more pics and info, Paypal as payment within 24 hours please. If you can't do paypal PM me and maybe we can work out something else. USA Shipping rates within each book's post. Other countries buyer pays actual for preferred shipping service as long as I approve it. Feel free to PM me offers.
  13. One book today. One of my favourite timely covers, torture chamber. Classic Red Skull by Al Gabriel, Cookevilke copy. Paypal only, no HOS or Provues please. Returns accepted, book will be safely boxed and shipped with tracking. Contact to discuss S + H charged to the US. First time stamped in the thread or pm wins the book. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Thanks for looking.
  14. Selling a few more books from the stash to pay off a couple of outstanding debts that I owe. Paypal is the preferred method of payment. Returns up to one week from receipt of the book if you are not happy with the purchase for any reason. Return shipping is at your expense. All books include free shipping within Canada or the continental USA, international at cost. Edit : Forgot to add that an in the thread trumps any ongoing PM discussions or offers unless my acceptance of a PM offer is time stamped before any thread post. Absolutely no Hall of Shamers or Probation folks purchasing books please or those on my ignore list (there are only two) Enjoy the thread. Warmest Regards, Jason
  15. Hello comic book fans. I am an artist on a journey to figuring out who my family is. In researching information on my father, my Uncle's name kept coming up in the search, Rudy LaPick. Turns out, he is one of the most well known Comic book artist of all time and was completely underrated. I found several articles on him about how he was hired by Stan Lee in the 1940s and that they worked on numerous comics together. He was the inker for Archie comics for 50 years and didn't get credited for a lot of his works. I know that he did the most inkings than anyone in History and that he worked closely with Gene Colan and Dan Decarlo. I have found many of the comics he has worked on, even including an issue of Wolverine and tons and I mean tons of Archie Comics. He worked with the biggest names in the DC and Marvel world. I have found many Archie issues with my last name on the front page cover. I can't tell you how much of a discovery this has been for me and I just want to know more about him. I can't even find a picture of him on the internet. Please help with anything you may know or have to show me. Thank you! F. LaPick
  16. Putting up some cool Golden Age Books here 1st wins Payment We accept Paypal/check/money orders. We do accept time payments. PM to discuss Shipping will be $7, PM for international rates Returns are accepted within 10 days of you receiving the book We guarantee that our books are complete and free of restoration. No probies or HOS
  17. Marvel Mystery Comics #85, Last Miss America & Blonde Phantom in title.Timely Just one book tonight, I recently got it back from CGC. Paypal, checks, MO's, whatever are fine. Exact shipping to anywhere (priority mail only) I pack very carefully and I pay for private insurance, so that's included. Payment is due within 2 weeks. (So I can mail it before I have 97 things on my schedule). If you need time payments, that's fine. 20% non refundable downpayment due in 7 days and you can set up your own payment schedule (just tell me what it is) book has to be paid before Oct 1. I take returns on anything as long as you let me know within 3 days of receipt and the item is returned in 7 days. No list people please. First here, or in a pm wins (by time stamp).
  18. WTB Timely Sub-Mariner Looking to buy Timely Sub-Mariner books. Looking for mid to low grade copies in the the $100-500 price range. Schomburg covers preferred. Will consider Atlas books too, but mainly looking for Timely.
  19. Timely Atlas OddBalls PRICE DROPS Here's an odd stack of Timley/Atlas humor, romance & even westerns. Usual rules apply:trumps everything but PM offers are welcome. Shipping in the U.S, is included HOWEVER if the sale is under $50, I ask for $6 to cover costs and I will work out a fair deal for anything outside the country. PayPal preferred. Satisfaction guaranteed. See my Kudos below and on eBay I am top rated as mshadow1023 ALL SURPRISE #2 1943 - SOLD CANDY COMICS #1 1944 William Wise Publish w/Timely - Complete, covers attached. Slight tear near staple. Tiny tear on cover edge. Sharp corners. Slight sun shade on cover edge. Pages OW VG/FN OPG VG = $78 ASKING $45 $40 GOOFY COMICS #25 1948 FRAZETTA ART - Complete, covers attached. Slight spine roll.Some spine wear. Pencil mark under price on cover. Pages W/OW FINE/VG OPG VG = $26 ASKING $11 GOOFY COMICS #31 1949 FRAZETTA ART - . Sharp corners & nice colors. Small tear at covert edge. Major sunshade on top right of back cover. pages W/OW/ FINE OPG FINE = $39 ASKING $20 HOMER THE HAPPY GHOST #9 1956 - Complete, covers attached. Bright colors & sharp corners. Some minor Marvel chipping.1/4 “tear at spine bottom. Pages W/OW VG OPG VG = $28 ASKING $11 HOMER THE HAPPY GHOST #16 1957 - Complete, covers attached. Slight marvel chipping one edge. Some spine stress. Printer crease near logo. Crease at lower right corner. VG OPG VG = $20 ASKING $10 HOMER THE HAPPY GHOST #19 1958 - Slight pencil marks on cover. Crease midway on right edge. Small sun shade at lower right corner. Tiny color breaks near spine. pages W/OW FINE OPG FINE = $30 ASKING $12 HOMER THE HAPPY GHOST #1 1969 Marvel - Complete, covers attached. Sharp corners & bright colors, Pages WHITE. VF OPG VF = $70 ASKING $30 $25 JOKER #41 1950 - Complete, covers attached. Light pencil mark under logo. Slights spine roll. VERY light chipping at bottom cover edge. Pages W/OW VG OPG VG = $36 ASKING $22 LOVE ADVENTURES #12 1952 SOLD LOVE ROMANCES #98 1962 LOVE ROMANCES #99 1962 LOVE ROMANCES #100 1962 LOVE ROMANCES #101 1962 ALL SOLD MARGIE #37 1947 - SOLD MISS AMERICA #55 1953 - Complete, covers attached. Slight stain near spine. Some spine wear. Crease at lower right corner. Light stain at top right corner on back cover.Pages W/OW VG OPG VG = $22 ASKING $10 {PATSY WALKER color comics in all of these} MISS AMERICA V5 #2 1947 CHRISTMAS ISSUE - Complete, covers attached.. Piece out at lower right corner. Small stains near logo. 1/2” tear at spine top. Two small tears on back cover edges. Pages OW GOOD OPG GOOD = $13 ASKING $6 MISS AMERICA V4 #4 1946 - Inked name above logo. Abraided lower right corner. Small pencil mark on cover, Pages W/OW VG+ OPG VG = $28 ASKING $12 MISS AMERICA V4 #1 1946 SOLD MY OWN ROMANCE #40 1954 - Complete, covers attached. Some spine wear. Color breaks above logo. Stain on spine of back cover.Pages W.OW VG/FINE OPG VG = $20 ASKING $10 MY ROMANCE #1 1948 - Complete, covers attached.Slight pencil mark at top right corner. Some spine wear.Tiny creases on cover edge. 1/4” tear at top of left. Small pencil mark on back cover. Pages W/OW VG OPG VG = $42 ASKING $20 $15 OUTLAW KID #5 1955 SOLD SILLY TUNES #2 1945 - Complete, covers loose at one staple. Chips out at top left on cover & 1st page.No art affected. 1/3” tear at top back cover. Sharp corners. Pages OW. VG/GOOD OPG GOOD = $15 ASKING $10 SILLY TUNES #7 1947 - Complete, covers attached. Some light pencil marks on cover. Chips out near staple, Spine wear. 1/3” tear on back cover edge. Pages W/OW. GOOD OPG GOOD = $14 ASKING $9 TERRY-TOONS #1 SOLD TERRY-TOONS #69 - Complete, covers attached. Small tear at spine bottom. Tear at top left of back cover.Pages OW. GOOD/VG OPG GOOD = $15 ASKING $7 WESTERN KID #16 SOLD WESTERN KID #6 1955 JOHN ROMITA ART - Complete, covers attached. Some cover wear. Some spine wear. Pages W/OW GOOD OPG GOOD = $10 ASKING $6 WESTERN TRAILS #1 1957 SEVERIN COVER - Complete, covers attached.Cover creasing & spine wear. date mark on cover. G/VG OPG GOOD = $14 ASKING $9 WESTERN TRAILS #2 SOLD
  20. Timelys Captain America, All Select, Thrilling Schomburg Hitler Comics come in, Comics go out... please give these a good home. Unconditional via timestamp wins over any other negotiations. No House of Shame or Probationary members. I don't like dealing with returns, so please make sure you do what you need to feel confident about your decision. I have no problem uploading more pics and info, Paypal as payment within 24 hours please. If you can't do paypal PM me and maybe we can work out something else. Free shipping via Fed Ex within USA. Add $25 for Canada. Other countries buyer pays actual for preferred shipping service as long as I approve it. I might have a couple raw Sensation Comics tomorrow. Feel free to PM me offers. Thrilling Comics #41 CGC 4.0 Off-White Classic Hitler and Mussolini Schomburg cover. $1,825 $1,595 shipped within usa
  21. All Winners #1 Coverless Anyone interested in a coverless All Winners #1? Raw. Complete. Tear around staple on page 1. A taped up tear on the last page, otherwise in decent shape. Photos sent on request. I also have no idea what something like this is worth. Obviously to someone with a copy of the book that has missing or torn pages it would be worth a lot. I'll consider any offers over $400. Thanks, Michael
  22. Leading Comics, All Winners, and Walking Dead #1 9.6 on Clink current March auction WD #1 cgc 9.6 Leading Comics #4 CGC 5.5 ow/w Leading Comics #6 CGC 6.5 WHITE PAGES Leading Comics #11 CGC 6.0 ow All Winners #14 CGC 5.0 Q (staple replaced) ow/w All Winners #7 raw INCOMPLETE (missing centerfold) probably 5.0 but poor since incomplete All Winners #7 CGC 1.5 cr/ow (a beautiful copy... if you like em dirty) All Winners #6 CGC .5 app small ct, wrong bc
  23. Had posted this before on old forums, but since those are sealed and locked, I am starting another thread, Looking to buy any complete/unrestored Timely or Atlas golden age Sub-Mariner Comics at mid to low grades. Not planning to spend more than $200 per book unless you are offering a huge deal. Interested in any Timely with Sub-Mariner covers as well (ie. All Winners, Marvel Mystery Comics, etc.) . Send me a PM or post here if you have something for sale matching above description. Thanks!
  24. Hey Folks, it's been a while and I thought I would test the waters here on the new forum with a couple nice books from the vault. -j IN THIS THREAD: Two Blonde Phantoms (BOTH SOLD) Why: (I'm selling them) Gotta fund some recent purchases, so some of my favorite stuff has to go. So I'm happy to listen to offers, but with prices like these, I wouldn't wait too long before pulling the trigger. How: (you can buy them) First takeit (icon, words, implied meaning, wink, nudge[) posted publicly or privately wins over any PM negotiations that haven't been sealed with "it's a deal". Them's the rules. Who: (can't buy them) No Shady characters please. This includes: Hall of Shamers, Probies, Intergalactic Dictators, or Chicago parking police (I'm flexible on that last one...) When: (you pay, you get comics) Shipping is $4 flat for any group of singles up to 7, $1/book thereafter. First class shipping for up to 2 books, Media mail for 3 or more for all others. Priority (extra $5) & insurance optional as well. (about $5/book or bundle) Payment via Paypal only please. Int'l shipping will be actual cost. Returns accepted within 7 days of receipt of book. THANKS!
  25. It's not a full run but... 2 3 4 10 12 13 14 15 16 19 21 are all up for auction right now and end in 4 days on the 28th. 6,7 and another 15 go in March. Thanks for looking. Cheers, Tripp