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3 hours ago, manetteska said:

I like how they just slapped "TEN CENTS" in the middle of the boat; no numbers, not in-line with the title or issue. 


That is a bit funky, right? I wonder what the thinking was.

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On 11/2/2020 at 8:00 PM, Robot Man said:

Crowns are great books.


I agree. A weird (but interesting) series without much continuity. I think I'm missing 11-13 and 16, although my spreadsheets aren't always completely accurate these days. 

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4 minutes ago, comicnoir said:

Looking at GPA, I guess it's not out of line.

Mine has the bottom right corner off (both the signature and issue number).  I can't find the scan to share here, but it's posted on my registry set.

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11 hours ago, Sqeggs said:

Couldn't resist this one after the seller approached me with one of those "Make an offer to a watcher" offers. 


Nice one! :applause:

Welcome back (again) T. :)

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