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Okay, so we have here a Daredevil #9 CGC 7.0 Universal with the grading text reading, "'6-4' written on cover in grease pencil." vs. a X-Men #64 CGC 9.0 Universal with a visible grease pencil date "11/18" on the cover in the logo.


As was reported in CBG earlier this year, we stopped noting writing on cover, in this case "'6-4' written on cover in grease pencil." because people thought the notes on the label meant that it was a QUALIFIED grade. Even if it was in the Universal label, it was still causing confusion. After many, many requests, we changed the policy.


The Daredevil #9 was pre-change, and the X-Men #64 was post-change. That is the only difference. Under our current policy I would not put "'6-4' written on cover in grease pencil." on the label. Hope that helps.

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