1st appearance of Hellboy?

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Mike Mignola has stated for years that the first appearance of Hellboy is San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2, not Next Men #21.


According to his official site (hellboy.com), the chronology is this:


1) Dime Press #4: 1st Hellboy prototype appearance, cover only.

2) San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2: 1st full Hellboy appearance; 4-page storyline; black & white only.

3) Next Men #21: 1st appearance in a regularly published title; 1st color appearance; NOT the 1st appearance of Hellboy


Yet, CGC keeps labelling Next Men #21 as the first appearance ... is this something we could get fixed for future submissions of these books? Thanks.

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From this point onwards CGC will note San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2 as "First Appearance of Hellboy" and John Byrne's Next Men #21 as "First Full-Color Appearance of Hellboy."

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