Display your Spider-Man CGC SS Books & Sketches
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Title doesnt matter as it could be:


Amazing Spider-man

Spectacular Spider-man

Web Of Spider-man

Sensational Spider-man

Super Spidey Stories

Ultimate Spider-man

Marvel Tales

Marvel Team-Up

Spider-man crossover books

Spider-man McFarlane series

and other related Spider-man Books!!!!!


Also Spider-man Sketches or sketches by Spider-man Artists are welcome


Show em if ya got em folks and as Im sure there are mass amounts of these could you make this thread a sticky Gemma? Thanks to all who participate ;¤)




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Here are my only 2 Spidey Sketches







those are bad

Ive been away from the forum for about a year to 2 years with rare

logins and missed so much of the sketch boom. Cant wait 2 catch up




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Siggy Winner 2009

Best Commission of the Year








that is pretty Dyno...


1st viewing 4 me,


Alot of cool zombie marvel character sketches especially spidey and they are all pretty cool.

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