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1 minute ago, Frisco Larson said:

As stated, I stayed out of the WOF mix, but I DID grab a book I've always dug and think of as a precursor to the monster books (or at the very least CONNECTED to them)! What say the rest of you? Agree or disagree? 

Journey into Unknown Worlds 55 4.5 ow front.jpg

If Molten Man, Gorilla Man, Witch Man (Bombu), Insect Man, Stone Man, Snow Man, Sand Man and others are all welcome, then so should Glacier Man (thumbsu


ps - nice pickup!!!

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Most of the original PHM titles started off with Sci-Fi/Fantasy covers before they switched to the Monster phase. And yes, many of the Monsters have roots in outer space. Some of this may be attributed to the fact that Post Code Atlas seemed to create copious amounts of this Sci-Fi content and it "bled" over after the Implosion of '57. See the recent posts displaying many of the post code titles.

The first title to switch from the Sci-Fi/Fantasy covers to Monsters was World of Fantasy in mid-1959


From there we move to Journey into Mystery which changed over just two months later:


And Strange Tales followed a few months after that (we are still in 1959):


The 2 newer titles, Tales of Suspense and Tales to Astonish both switched over at the exact same time in early 1960:



So in the course of less than 1 year (actually 10 months), all the titles were now pumping out Monster covers. Amazing Adventures/Amazing Adult Fantasy embraced this as they were originated during the peak of this period.

I haven't seen any discussion on why they made the change. It seems odd since the '50's Creature Feature movie craze was already waning at the time Stan & Co. embraced them on the covers. One of my favorites "The Beast from 20,00 Fathoms" was out in '53 and Godzilla (or Gojira for you purists) was out in the States in '56. A few overlapped our PHM Monster phase, such as another childhood favorite "Reptilicus" (1961), but they had predominantly left the theatres by then.

By the early '60's, the "Z Movies" were hitting the big screen - the infamous "Plan 9 from Outer Space" (1959) along with works from Roger Corman were regulars. Seems that audiences can only handle the giant monsters for so long.

And the Monster covers didn't last the entire PHM time period, they transitioned back to more of the Sci-Fi/Fantasy roots toward the end of the era:


If anyone has any links to explain the sudden shift to Monster covers, would appreciate the reading material !



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While I was a looking for info, came across this excellent blog post by Dr. Michael J. Vassallo:

He analyzes the source material by the actual job code for the artwork.

From the post:

"So here is the set-up in place now. At the time of the work stoppage, production was on schedule for Goodman's full spectrum of scores of titles. Perhaps a hundred freelance artists and at least 10 freelance writers were all churning out material when the call came to shut down production. We know that after a short hiatus Stan Lee filled out his skeleton line with inventory before the call went out for new material after a year.

Let's go back to the time of the work stoppage. The backlog of inventory was large. In the fantasy titles, there was enough completed inventory to pace the two re-started post-implosion fantasy books (World of Fantasy and Strange Tales) for an entire year using inventory from the M job number run. The war titles had three books with M and O inventory (Battle, Marines in Battle and Navy Combat) while the romance line had two with M and O (Love Romances and My Own Romance). In the westerns, there were four with M and O (Two-Gun Kid, Kid Colt Outlaw, Gunsmoke Western and Wyatt Earp)."

He gets very detailed on the early PHM books and traces them back to the possible pre-Implosion sources.

Plus it has some cool OA and other stories completely posted, including some early Kirby art that was never published in the US.




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5 minutes ago, Jasonmorris1000000 said:

Was this really a monster or a hoax?  Thanks for posting this one.  I’m going to have to get a copy.

Twas a 'freak over-sized bison' with a covering to make it look like a monster. Morgan Yancy up to his old tricks again. I aint 'Kiddin' ya pardner :grin:

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12 minutes ago, Crazy Canuck said:

Here is my contribution to the thread today. Got to be one of the nicest 2.0 I’ve seen.


You're right - really nice colors & eye appeal for a 2.0!



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