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I recently acquired a Showcase #9 with rusted stapes. The book has decent color and structure and I'd really like to keep it, however I'm concerned the staples will cause additional long-term damage via rust migration.


I'd like to see if CSS can clean or replace the staples with vintage staples, but I've been advised that this would result in the book being labeled as restored.


What's the policy on this? One CGC chat board member said CGC allows staples to be replaced with "vintage" staples on a Golden Age comics and they still get a blue-label (granted if no other work was done to it).


is this true, and if so and what's the cut-off date for that?


What options are available to me - can the stales be cleaned or replaced with vintage ones and what color labels would they garner in each instance?


Thanks again for your help with this matter.

Bob :grin:


Below is the text from the notes:





D.C. Comics




Otto Binder and Jerry Coleman stories

Ruben Moreira and Al Plastino

cover and art

1st Lois Lane tryout issue.

Superman and Lana appearance.


Spine Stress Lines Breaks Color

Full Top Front Cover Wear Breaks Color

Full Bottom Front Cover Wear Breaks Color

Staple Multiple Rusted w/Rust Stained Spine

Left Bottom Front Cover Stain

Top Staple Moderate Weak

Center Front Cover Stain

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If CGC detects a cleaned or replaced staple and no other work was done to the book, it will receive a Qualified label. It does not matter if it is a modern, silver or golden age book nor does it matter what grade the book is. It will receive a Qualified grade.


If we feel a staples is cleaned or replaced and the book has other work done to it, CGC will roll the staple work in with the rest of the restoration notes resulting in a restored label.

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If I scrape some rust off with my thumbnail, does that count for getting a Q label? :shrug:

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This will likely need to be updated with the new restored/conserved slabs.

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