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I bought this a couple weeks ago and can't believe I haven't showed it off in this thread yet :grin: Can't believe I own it...someone pinch me. my comic worth 10k yet? :grin:




Ok.... Where is the .5 coming from? Looking a full grade undergraded to me...

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I can see both sides of the coin pertaining to autographed books.


To me, beyond the signature is the fact that Stan Lee himself held that book. While Lee has signed a lot of books, he certainly hasn't touched every AF #15. Knowing that you own a copy that Stan himself touched is pretty cool IMHO.

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Here is mine



Nice book. Really nice. Its yours and you can do anything you want to it. Damn though, some books shouldnt be signed :(. But honestly, great book.

I figure that is THE BOOK to have him sign. I wanted to do it right when I met him. 1zwlmvm.jpg
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