'Shazam' movie official thread (because he deserves one too)
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My personal favorite most memorable and emotional scene in Shazam!   Jack Dylan Grazer delivered a remarkably talented cinematic performance in his portrayal of Freddy Freeman that's right on par within the rarefied air of Freddie Bartholomew and Margaret O'Brien in screen presence, persona, and acting ability to carry a major motion picture. 

Warner Brothers, Peter Safran, or Jack's PR Agency need to seriously consider mounting "For your consideration" Best Supporting Actor campaigns for a Golden Globe, SAG, BAFTA and Academy Award nomination.  :smile:


Here is a quick retrospective for those who might not recognize who Freddie Bartholomew was as one of the biggest and most profound child actors in the 1930's.  (thumbsu


"I've never said this before, and I'll never say it again. Freddie Bartholomew's acting is so fine and so simple and so true that it's way over people's heads. It'll only be by thinking back two or three years from now that they'll realize how great it was." - Spencer Tracy

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31 minutes ago, Mr.TawkyTawny said:

Holy Moley! Click on this link to an OG Captain Marvel documentary narrated by Cooper Andrews, it's phenomenal.  Colourful graphics and deeply researched.  Thrilling!  :applause:

The History of Shazam!


That was outstanding! Movies Anywhere must have that as an MA-only offering.

Here's a cool one Alex Ross did in June.


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