Little Help? Electronic batman / harley comics from 1994? or so

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I have some sega internal design documents at home. Going through some of them for the first time in a long time and noticed that I have what appears to be some preproduction material relating to a sega / DC electronic comics project? (pre-internet!).


Did this ever come out? Note the reader/hardware has the sega name on it.


The date of the sega material I have (all from a sngle source) is all about 1991-1995, and the image on the first slide is of Batman Adventures 16, which they would have looked at for reference, so it seems reasonable to assume that was the most recent issue at the time. Couldn't have been much later than that just based on what I know of the rest of the archive.


The last two pieces of film show what look to be sega / dc electronic comic with what appears to be a very early Harley image. Were images3 & 4 ever used as comic covers?


Anyone have any info? Even if the answer is no perhaps some will find this interesting. I have to think this is the first attempt at electronic comics in addition to being an early use of Harley.


Excuse the terrible phone pics and monitor gridlines.











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