Pros/Cons/Tips for Collecting Full Runs?

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On 6/30/2015 at 2:27 PM, Reno McCoy said:

Thanks for the comments so far. I think honing in on a specific grade is crucial. As is making sure I'm collecting the right title and issue numbers.


I'm still thinking that I want to collect some sort of run, but the more I look into the drek of the 90s, and the fact that there are many crossovers that I'd feel obligated to collect, I'm becoming unsure about the "full run" idea (even if the full run was never planned to go back to the first issue). This plan might need to be whittled down to something more like focusing on the first book I bought for a particular title to the year I stopped reading as a youngster (sometime around '92).


But a mini-run doesn't sound as cool as a full run, and the start/end dates/numbers feels almost arbitrary instead of being something cool to track down.


But yeah, the '90s...if I'm already unsure about buying that mess, imagine what I'd be thinking if I were spending money on those books.

Just about done with my full FF run. 
1-416 heroes reborn 1-12 vol 3 1-70 500-588 600-659. 
Really annoying the reboots and re numbering’s.

I’m missing vol 1 #1 ,#4 #5 big keys and very expensive so I’ll save until I can grab them.

my favorites are the Kirby’s till #102. 
not too concerned with grades as long as the cover looks decent. Only one that is beat to hell is #48 which I might upgrade. 

collecting full runs is tough when there’s an artist writer combo you don’t like.  I honestly don’t find too many people buying full runs of titles. 



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