Accepting 2016 Frank and Sons & Silicon Valley Comic Con Stan Lee submissions

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***Anastasia's Collectibles is proud to announce that we will be your Official Stan Lee Signature Series Facilitators for Both Frank and Son's Collectible Show & Silicon Valley Comic Con!***




Because we are the official CGC Facilitators for these signings, during the signing our booth will be set up right next to the Stan Lee Booth to ensure that all your comics are submitted properly for CGC Signature Series.



-Please PM or email us at:

for pricing and submission details.




If you are unable to attend this year's show, we've got you covered. Just make sure we receive your books before:

  • Feb 25th Deadline for Frank & Sons Collectibles Show
  • March 12th Deadline for Silicon Valley Comic Con

and we'll take care of the rest. Just PM us for details.




Facilitator Pricing:





Stan Lee Signature Series Signings:

  • $10 Fast Track (Modern or Economy Tier Option for faster Turn Around Grading Time)
  • $42 Modern------1980 to Present with $200 Max Value
  • $55 Economy------Any Year with $300 Max Value
  • $85 Standard------Any Year with $1000 Max Value
  • $120 Express------Any Year with $3000 Max Value

-Tier Prices listed above are our CGC grading costs for that tier. A $5 CGC invoice fee as well as shipping charges will be added to your invoice based on the total # of books as well as their insured value.


-Each Creator charges a different fee for his/her signature. You will also be charged those creator fees for the books you submit as well as $10 for each additional signature per book submitted. That $10 fee covers both our facilitator fee for getting the extra signature as well as the CGC grading fee for extra autographs.


-Each Tier is separate and has it's own $5 CGC invoice fee as well as return shipping.


-Please prep your books for signing before sending them to us. If you would rather leave that to us, feel free to do so but we charge a $10 prep fee per book.


-Do Not Crack Yellow Label Signature Series Books Yourself ----If you do then those books will loose their Signature Series Authentication. We need to do that for you and on those books we do not charge a prep fee.




Submissions under your own CS or Dealer Account Welcome!:


-Please make sure to prep your books for signing before sending them to us or our $10 prep fee per book applies.


-We charge a $15 per book facilitator fee for each book submitted and you will pay CGC directly for your grading fees.

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918 posts




***2016 Silicon Valley Comic Con Guest List***


  • Stan Lee
  • Bret Blevins
  • Bob Layton
  • Scott Koblish
  • Michael J. Fox
  • Christopher Llyod
  • Lea Thompson


:news: Click This Link to Check out the 2016 Silicon Valley Comic Con Guest List! :news:


Stay Tuned and check out the Guest List link often to see this shows constantly updated guest lists. Also make sure to get your mail in submissions to us no later the Feb 25th & March 12th Deadlines!


For Submission Details Please Contact us through email at:

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