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Marvel Bronze Age 1st Issues Set - 100%


I could think of no better occasion to mark my 1st Journal entry.


My Marvel Bronze Age 1st Issue set is finally 100% complete. I recently received the last books back from CGC that I needed to complete the set. One was a disappointing grade, so I bought a 9.6 copy on ebay to replace it. The other Giant Size Werewolf #2 came back in 9.6 which made the cut, and I'm glad as that book has been very difficult to track down in high grade.


Anyways, I am now un-obscuring my set. It is finished and ready to be seen by all who want to take a look. There are front and back pictures of every book, so take a peek at the gallery. There is one single highest graded book in the set (see attached).


Whew! this has been a long time coming! Time to celebrate!





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