Captain Marvel 26 (1st app of Death)

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:takeit: in the public thread beats PM negotiations but not closed PM deals. Timestamp determines owner, I'll post winner ASAP.


Shipping is at cost in the US, with a $15 maximum so buy as much as you want! International shipping is possible. PM for international shipping quote.


Payment due within 3 days unless arranged before "I'll Take It". Payment via Paypal. I'll accept returns if item is not as pictured or has undisclosed restoration within 30 days, no returns on slabs. Grades for raw books are best guesses though so please use your own best judgement from the pictures.


No Probies or HOS members


My kudos thread has begun here:


Captain Marvel #26

1st appearance of Death

Rumored to play a key role in Guardians 2 and Avengers 3 & 4







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