Art for Sale: Infantino, Nodel, Mark Schultz, Gallego, Bolle

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For Sale: 

Golden age Green Lantern #88 twice up are art by Carmine Infantino (originally for Green Lantern #39 (1949)

Unpublished Golden age Green Lantern single tier by  Martin Nodell

Benefactor Illustration from the Xenozoic TPB by Mark Schultz

"Conan The Conqueror" pencil prelim for Conan Magazine #11 (Norwegian) cover by Blas Gallego

The Adventures of Robin Hood #6 page 4 twice up art by Frank Bolle


Plus art X-Men art by Dave Cockrum, Alan Davis Excalibur, Kubert Unccanny X-Men, Prohias Spy vs Spy, Pacheco X-Men vs Brood wrap around cover and Foloro Dery Amazing Spider-Man sunday strip

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