Batman Adventures #12 Questions; Harley Quinn First Appearance

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Hi everyone,

I stumbled across a first appearance of Harley Quinn comic book and was wondering 2 things: 1. Based on the pictures, what do you think the CGC rating would be, and 2. What would be the best course of action to sell this thing.

I'd prefer to sell it now rather than go through the rating process and then sell it. My fear is that I might get screwed by a local comic book store(in Austin,Tx) or they don't have the money for the amount that it is worth.

Any insite would help.. And take it easy on me, I know I'm a newbie. Thanks!







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If you want to ask about the book's grade, you have it in the wrong thread. Please move it to 'Buddy, can you spare a grade'. If you don't want to get 'screwed', a key book should always be graded in a slab.

Now that this book has been 'pimped' here I'm sure someone will approach you about selling it. If you don't want to get 'screwed', ignore them.

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Yes, once you get it graded, it's pretty easy to get a sense for what current market value is. If you don't buy a subscription to GPA (if you're just selling one book, probably not worth it, though it might be at $10/month), the easiest thing is to search Ebay (ie. "Batman Adventures 12 CGC 9.2" or whatever grade it ends up being), go to the advanced settings and choose "SOLD" listings, and you'll see the last 3 months of sold transactions (don't use what's currently offered for sale, those will all generally all be too high - if they weren't, someone would have already bought it by now). You can quickly calculate what fair value is (low, high, and avg / medians).

Once you know that, you can figure out how you want to sell. Know that if you're selling to a store / dealer, they're generally going to want anywhere from 10-25% off the market price (depends a lot on popularity of the book at the time, whether they have multiple copies of it already, etc.). You'll get your money right away, but they won't pay you fair market price (since they have to turn around and sell it themselves). Depending on their offer and how patient you're willing to be, you could try listing it here in the forums, or on Ebay as well (note you then have to pay Ebay selling fees, and the hassle of packaging / shipping etc.), or maybe take a shot on Craigslist or an FB group or something similar.

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