Art Sale: X-Factor art by Byrne and Simonson, most other art discounted

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Just add some artwork to my CAF gallery, I also reduced prices on others.

New art for sale:

  • X-Factor #4 Annual page 11 - John Byrne and Walt Simonson featuring X-Men Jean Grey and Beast. A rare instance where Simonson inks someone else's pencils.

Also discount most of my art I have for sale

  • Uncanny X-Men #381 DPS - Adam Kubert/Tim Townsend
  • Warren Vampirella #2 cover prelim - Bill Hughes
  • X-Men Spotlight - Dave Cockrum
  • Lori Lovecraft and Grendel - Mike Vosburg
  • Amazing Spider-Man Sunday 4/24/83 - Floro Dery
  • Spy vs Spy art - Antonio Prohias
  • Modesty Blaise strips - Romero
  • Thorne - Vintage Dave Cockrum
  • Uncanny X-Men #174 Phoenix splash - Bob Weciak
  • Conan The Barbarian #65 - Steve Gan
  • Poison Ivy - Bill Morrison
  • Shadow Strickes - Eduardo Barreto
  • Jonah Hex - Eduardo Barreto


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