2017 Green Eggs Grading Contest Round 1
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Hello, my friends! :hi:


Welcome to the 5th annual CGC Green Eggs Grading Contest. :whee:


1.) You will see 2 books per round, for 10 rounds.


2.) There will be a 48 hour time limit between rounds. (I will likely change this to a set finishing time, ie. rounds end at 10:00 PM EST, going forward.) Look at the books; figure out the grades and PM sckao and I your answers via the group PM that I have created for us. This will be the same PM thread you will use to submit all future grades. Please do not create a new PM for each grade submission. If you have not received a PM from me, and have signed up, please let me know right away.


3.) No changing of grades will be allowed once submitted. Post only single, numerical grade for each book. If you post more than one grade (e.g. 8.5/9.0) then your submission for that round will be void. No excuses. As there will be 2 books per round, make it clear which grade is for which book. For example, say ASM #1 4.5 and on the next line say FF #12 8.0. Please don't screw this up. 2c


4.) The page quality and any noticeable defects you can not see on the book from the scan will be given for each round. Do not PM with questions. Assume that all of the books have been pressed. The scans that you are viewing will be of the book already in its CGC case.


5.) Points awarded will be as follows; 5 points for a direct hit, 3 points for 1 grade off, 1 point for 2 grades off and -1 point for 3 grades off. If you are 4 grades off or more, I'm going to hit the "notify moderator" button.


6.) Prizes will be awarded to a certain number of players. This will be dependent on the number of prize donations that we receive. Feel free to donate a book, if you would like. (thumbs u


The PRIZE THREAD is located in Comics General.


Also,a booby prize will be given for last place. Last place is defined as the person who has participated in all the rounds and has the lowest score. You can not sign up, do nothing and win the booby prize.


7.) As always, many thanks to sckao who has agreed to help me with the score keeping and all the other fun stuff that comes with these contests. (worship)

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Here we go, y'all!  Let's start this contest off with two easy ones. lol

If you click on the picture, you will see an option on the left side for full-size.  Click on that and you'll get the large version of the scans. (thumbsu


Book 1: Crimes By Women #3 Off-White to White pages




Book 2: Amazing Spider-Man #129 Off-White to White pages




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1 hour ago, Larryw7 said:

Shooting for the booby prize!

Already spoken for.  

I'm going all out for it this year.  

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