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Hey everyone!

Eric Powell published a new comic this week under his Albatross Funny Books called Galaktikon #1.

Here's a little back story. I was originally hired to be the inker on this 6 issue mini-series pencilled by Steve Mannion. The comic series is based on a concept album of the same name by musician Brendon Small, creator of the Cartoon Network series Metalocalypse.

I got no further then 5 pages into inking issue #1 of the series and Brendon decided that he preferred the rough texture look of the pencil artwork and not the inked version, so the decision was made to not have an inker on the book and to print the comic directly from the pencil artwork only.

So that leaves me with 5 pages of original unpublished inked artwork from Galaktikon #1 that's on the stands this week.

I inked these pages using traditional methods of brush and india ink over blueline printouts on standard smooth finish bristol board at full 11x17 size. These were not inked directly over Steve's actual pencil artwork.

I'm interested in selling these 5 pages if anyone here is interested in them. I love inking Steve's work and really wish that I could have inked the entire 6 issue series as originally planned...but I'm sure there will be future projects with us collaborating as a team in the future!

I'm attaching scans of the 5 originals that I have for sale.

Thanks everyone!


Jason Moore






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