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o Lobinho #31

All Star Comics

1st Appearance Justice Society Brazil.

Publisher Grande Consórcio Suplementos Nacionais, Brazil 1942

The very first Super-Hero Team, A prelude to the Justice League, it's placement in Golden Age Comic History is undeniable.

In terms of scarcity ...... This ranks right up there with other high demand golden age grails.

Over twice as Scarce as Batman #1
(122 unrestored graded copies)

Twice as Scarce as ALL Star Comics #8
(122 unrestored graded copies)

Less than with Superman #1 with only 60 unrestored graded copies.

57 unrestored graded copies of ALL STAR COMICS #3 exist.

These are the US version numbers in rarity above.

The Brazilian availability of the 1st Appearance is less then 20% of the US version. "RARE"

Other Important information about this Brazilian Edition includes.

1st cover Appearance Wonder Woman Brazil, and I believe to be the earliest International Cover Appearance of Wonder Woman world-wide.

Wonder Woman 1st complete story appearance in Brazil is 1953.

Also I believe to be Internationally among the earliest of all Foreign editions globally of Wonder Woman.

Also the 1st Appearance within this historical edition such as Dr. Fate, The Spectre, Sandman, Johnny Thunder, and Dr. Midnight.

O Lobinho 31.jpg

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I'm going to be using all of my "likes" on this thread!  Although I can't read them (I was never good with other languages), I sure do appreciate everything you are posting.  Thank you.

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Posted (edited)

O Lobinho # 15

2nd appearance Robin

Detective Comics #39

Published by Grande Consórcio Suplementos Nacionais, Brazil 1941


Lobinho 15.jpg

Edited by Komic Kazi

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Superman #5

Gibi Globo #537 & O Globo Juvenil #23

Published by O Globo, Brazil 1942

O Globo Juvenil among the single most important International publishers in our genres history globally.

Began publishing in 1937 Journals of comics in the Super Hero era, starting with the Phantom in issue #12 of year one.

O Globo began publishing Superman in 1939 with a 10 edition introduction of the Man of Steel throughout the year.

Then in 1940 began a dominant run of publishing's that would create one of the largest markets in the world of comic consumers in Brazil.

Major 1st Appearances thought to be the earliest or among the earliest Internationally world-wide are.

1) Timely Comics.

A) Submariners 1st Appearance (1940)

B) Kazar 1st Appearance (1940)

C) Marvel Mystery Comics #1 "Human Torch 1st Appearance (1940)

Other major characters to make their first appearances by this publisher are, The Web, The Ray, Black Hood, Steel Sterling, Roy the Wonderboy, and many, many more in this era.


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