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Thanks for checking this out!  Here are six old  pieces of published original comic strip art ready and waiting for new homes!  I will be updating with additional pictures and background information in the following order:

$50  I'll Take $40 How It Began Paul Berdanier panel art 1937 more available

$300 I'll Take $250 Captain Yank two-tier Sunday (large) Frank Tinsley art 1943 

$75 How about $60 Berrys Sunday Carl Grubert early 1954

$75 Mickey Finn Sunday car dealer gag  Lank Leonard 1940s? McNaught Syndicate

$300 Yank Magazine huge panel Robert Greenhalgh art (scarce) 1945

$50 Flintstones daily Karen Machette 1995 comics gag

I always welcome questions and comments in the thread, or send me a personal message.

Shipping (US only, please) is $10 for one piece, two or more pieces will be shipped together free.  Flat and sturdy.

Paypal, check, or money order.

Bugs Bunny NFS. 

Sincerely, David S. Albright

You may check my eBay feedback (100% since 1998) at seller name bakeralbright.  No art ONE PAGE OF COMIC BOOK ART AUCTION ON EBAY for sale there right now.

My CAF handle is David Albright (a handful of things for sale there, mostly just my vanity pieces on display).







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Here is a scan of one of my 1937 "How It Began" strips by Paul Berdanier, an oddity daily panel created for United Features Syndicate in response to the popularity of Ripley's Believe It Or Not.  It's original ink on Ross, or "pebble" board.  Size is overall about 9.75 X 10.5".  Title is a photostat believed original to the piece (possibly later), original syndicate strip attached.  This title was a daily and Sunday comic strip which was reprinted in very early "comic books".  It became its own one-shot comic book in 1939.  I show a bio from the inside front cover of that book (not included) and some collector notes about Berdanier.  I have a few more of these if you have a specific interest in them.

$50 each, price drop $40, bulk price possible.

On my laptop, I can click the image a couple times to get the enlarged view.  Signed by Berdanier in the middle of the panel.

Please see the first page of this thread for my terms and background.

Good day, David




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OK, here are some detail scans of the tremendous Captain Yank original Sunday comic art by the well-known cover artist and illustrator Frank Tinsley.  I tried my best with my standard scanner to get as much of the detail as possible.  There is a great painted Tinsley cover in an upcoming Heritage auction.  Image size on this piece is about 28 X 16.5 inches.

It is in a laminated sandwich with black mat and foamcore back.  There is nothing I can do about that, and that is the way it is being sold. the overall dimensions of the sandwich are large 32 X 22".  If you are able to do a local pickup (I live in northwest Vermont), I can give you a frame and glass that came with this when I got it.

You will notice that it is signed twice with a dedication in the bottom tier.  The last panel, please note that her lips have been lightly rouged, and there is some pencilling on the bearded man.  Some modest whiteout in a couple panels.  Foxing starting throughout.

$300, I'll take $250 plus shipping (US), check the first post for details on combined shipping.

Please comment freely in the the thread, or send me a message.

Click through a few times on the images for maximum resolution!

Thanks for your consideration, David S. Albright






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Here are a few details for the funny Berrys Sunday original art for Field Enterprises on November 7, 1954 by Carl Grubert.

$75  Price drop $60 for this large (overall 23 X 15.5") pen and ink art on standard heavy bristol.  Edgewear, staples, glue stain, light soiling and toning throughout.

Classic silhouette panel and funny gag featuring Pat and Peter.

See original message for terms and details.

Click the images a couple times for full size image.

Any questions or comments are welcome!  David







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OK, on a snowy Friday here in Vermont, I will provide some detail pics on the Mickey Finn Sunday comic strip original art by Lank Leonard!

$75.  Please check the original post for price drops, terms, and background information about me.

This piece measures overall about 21 X 10.5", a nice manageable size for a three-tier Sunday.  Dated for June 9, year unknown (1940s?) McNaught Syndicate.

As you can see the title is compromised, and there is overall soiling and toning front and back.

Funny Uncle Phil car gag with movie reference!

Take care, David






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Happy Sunday!  I will be skipping to the FLINTSTONES daily comic strip art.  I am waiting for an actual copy of the 1945 "Yank" magazine with the published cartoon by Greenhalgh to arrive in the mail so I can share that with you and include it with that art as a package.  Should be interesting if it is a full page cartoon within the magazine, the art is certainly large!

Meanwhile, Flintstones for May 31, 1995 by Karen Machette $50 has a great Fred and Wilma gag which you should enjoy!  Machette also drew Dennis The Menace, and Scooby-Doo comics.

This original art comes with an original protective tracing paper flip-over cover.  Overall size is about 15 X 5.5".  Blue underpencil and some whiteout are present.  Both panels have original art attachments, Fred, and then Wilma.  Paper is embossed with "Strathmore 400 Bristol" mark.  Signed last panel.  Two other attachments you see are the credit, and word balloon panel two.  Nice piece!

See the original post for terms and background for this sale.

Always open to questions and comments, David S. Albright




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Okay!  I got the actual published copy of YANK for January 5, 1945 with the Robert Greenhalgh art as shown.  First, the piano shot for perspective to give you an idea how large this piece is!  Then, a couple shots with the magazine.  I will talk about condition after the pics.

$300 Robert Greenhalgh YANK Magazine Panel







So, there you have the pictures I hoped to get.  If you zoom in, you will see the unfortunate vertical color break through the art.  This was an early eBay find, and the seller was not experienced enough to make a sturdy package.  The front of the illustration board is broken, and the back is still holding.  I suppose it could be "restored", but it is doubtful that your cost might be recovered.  It presents quite well as it sits, as you can see.

The top left corner is taped on.

Paypal, check, or money order.  48 US states only, please.

Check my original post for terms and background about this sale.

Take care, David S. Albright

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