Fan Expo Boston / Boston Comic Con Aug 10-12, 2018
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Meeting of the Legends! John Byrne and Neal Adams


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I'm not able to make the Boston comic con. I already purchased the John Byrne fan experience ticket. If anyone is interested I would sell it and forward the ticket to you. I would be willing to sell to you and I would give you my Sunday admission ticket. 

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Went to Fan Expo Boston on Friday/ Sat and had a great time, one of my best cons yet! Here are some of my pick ups;


Humberto Ramos colored Green Goblin commission, managed to get his 6th and final spot on his list during the first day! Was great talking to Humberto and Joe.


Next up was Clayton Crain! Was great chatting with him and picked up this sweet Venom sketch.


Bob McLeod Kraven addition to my jam piece!

Friday was mostly focused on signatures and got a ton of books signed by artists including John Byrne, Humberto Ramos, Clayton Crain, Bob McLeod, Mark Morales, and a few others, the lines weren't too bad.

I had high hopes for Saturday as this was the day J Scott Campbell, Jim Lee, and Tyler Kirkham would be attending the show. 

First thing this morning I went strait to JSC's booth and got a couple books signed. I was hoping to get a quick sketch from JSC on my jam piece, and was told to come back later if I wanted a shot at one.

As luck may have it, I found JSC walking around the show floor, this time I got a chance to talk to him a bit more and confirmed that I should come back later for a sketch. He told me that he'd add to my jam piece right then! So we went back to his booth and this was the result... Was the highlight of the con!


 I was just about to leave the con, and once again I was in the right place at the right time! I talked to Tyler Kirkhams agent at the start of the show and his list was already full. I found Tyler in one of the con hallways and got a chance to talk to him and show him my jam piece. We went back to his booth and Rhino was added to my jam piece!


Picked up a lot more at the con, but these have to be my favorites! Had a great time.

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