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I'm tightening up the collection a bit and posting some stuff for sale. Note, not all of the art in the list below is posted in my CAF. Happy to share scans and answer any questions. Please send me PMs. I'll respond as I can.

Here is my CAF: http://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryDetail.asp?GCat=105375

I'm willing to consider offers on anything, some stuff I have room in, others not so much.

I may be adding to this list over time (iron man, TOS, etc.), so if you have any specific wants, please PM me.

Buyer pays shipping and if you use paypal, you would be responsible for the fees. Returns only accepted if item is misrepresented.

Iron Man:

Iron Man #54 p 2 (Tuska/Colleta) $1500

Iron Man #58 p 11 (Tuska) $1500

Iron Man #73 p 15 (Jones) $1500

Iron Man #84 p 30, 31 (Trimpe/Severin) $3000 pair

Iron Man #91 p 26 Layton first work on IM $2000

Iron Man #118 page 17 (Byrne) $1000

Iron Man #132 p 11 (Layton) $2000

Iron Man #151 p 6 (McDonnell, Layton) $500

Iron Man #158 p 1 (Infantino) $3500

Iron Man #158 p 24 (Infantino) $600

Iron Man #176 p 1 (McDonnell/Mitchell) $500

Iron Man #196 p 11 (Buckler) $200

Iron Man #197 p 30 (Buckler) $750

Iron Man #203 p 14 (Bright) $250

Iron Man #204 p 11 $200, 14 $200 (Bright)

Iron Man #205 p 6 $150, p 10 $200 (Bright)

Iron Man #206 p 6 (Bright) $150

Iron Man #208 p 11 (Bright) $150

Iron Man #211 p 5 (Saviuk) $75

Iron Man #214 p 1 splash (Morgan) $750

Iron Man #241 p 11 (Layton) $150

Iron Man #244 p 18, 33 (Layton) $500 ea

Iron Man #250 p 16 (Layton) $600

Iron Man #253 Cover (Byrne) $7500

Iron Man #259 p 2 (Jr Jr) $350

Iron Man #266 p 1 (Jr Jr) $3000

Iron Man #267 (Ryan, Wiacek) p 4 Splash Fin Fang Foom $2000

Iron Man #277 p 2-3 DPS (Ryan, Wiacek) $300

Iron Man #317 p 6 $150, 10 $200, 11 $200, 15 $200, 16 $250 (Morgan)

Iron Man #318 p 22 $100, 26 $250 (Morgan)

Iron Man Annual 7 p 10 $30, 11 $50, 19 $125

Iron Man Annual 8 X-Men (Neary) p 15, 17, 39 $1200 for the 3 pages

Iron Man Annual 9 p 1 $2000, 4 $500, 7 $500, 31 $500, 33 $500 (Bright Layton)

Iron Man Annual 13 Splash (Colan) large Iron Man mask $2000

Iron Man V2 #25 p 31 (Chen) $200

Iron Man Legacy #8 p 22 Splash (Kurth) $250

Iron Man Noir #4 p 5 (Garud) $100

Iron Man and the Armor Wars

#1 p 20 $150; #2 p 21 $100; #3 p 5 $200, 6 $200, 7 $200, 10 $200, 12 $150, 13 $300, 16 $200, 20 $150, 21 $250, 22 $150, nn $200

Iron Man Misc:

Iron Man #45 Cover Color Guide (Kane) $100

Iron Man Lab (Layton/Guice) published in a Marvel Index late 1980s $750

Iron Man Secret Wars packaging art (Layton) published $500

Marvel Fanfare #44 pinup Iron Man (Reinhold) $2800

Marvel Super-Heroes #14 p 20 $250

She-Hulk #6 page 2 featuring Iron Man (1980, Vosburg) $500


Tales of Suspense One-Shot p 9 $200 (Colin MacNeil) black/white; p 34, 56, 60 (painted) $350 ea

U.K. DPS vs. Controller (Stiles) $1500

What If #33 p 38 Iron Man #150 storyline (Layton) $1000


Spectacular Spider-Man Annual 11 DPS (Severin) featuring Iron Man $1500

Spider-Man Adventures DPS featuring Iron Man Armory and Spidey $1250


Aliens Dark Horse Mark Nelson V1, price as marked. But would do $100/page if you take entire lot.

Charlie Chan & the Curse of the Dragon Queen Original/Production Art $150 3 pieces

Daredevil 204 p 11 $50, 14 $50 (McDonnell)

DC Comics Presents #34 cover (Andru/Infantino) Super-Man, Man-Bat $3200

GI Joe Blackthorne 3-D – rare page from defunct publisher $100

Green Hornet, misc pages from various publishers

Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix #1 p 1, p 2 $200 pair

Marvel Adventures #15 cover (Kuhn) featuring Wolverine $1200

Night of the Smurfing Dead one-shot 4 pages $250 for lot

Secret Defenders #2 p 4 featuring Spider-Woman $200

Star Wars Manning strip featuring Vader $800

Strange Tales #166 p1 Dr. Strange (Tuska) $6500

Weird War Tales #58 p 29 Title Page (Carrillo) $150

What If #26 (McDonnell) 2 unpublished pencil pages p 3, 7 $130 pair

World Around Us Story of Railroads 80-page story 1958 $1200 lot





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