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Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!
And to celebrate, here is the 9th annual Dale Roberts Comics Holiday Sales thread! There will be 100s of books in this thread, hopefully something for everyone. The one constant is that everything will be cheap! I have bought literally thousands of books this year and the majority of books in this thread have never been listed anywhere else, not even on my website.  I have been setting stuff aside especially for this thread all throughout the year. There will be tons and tons of deals in this thread. Not only will everything be very tightly graded, but most books will be significantly discounted, some books up to 70% off of market price. 
There are keys, semi-keys, movie books, high grades, mid grades, and low grades, and as always, lots of books that you just don't see around, and almost all of it will be CHEAP, heavily discounted in some cases! Lots and lots of bargains for the collector, and room for dealers to make money. Lots of Neal Adams, Bernie Wrightson, Jim Steranko! Frazetta covers, Raboy covers, Schomburg covers, LB Cole covers, GGA, Pre-code horror, Pre Hero Atlas, and cool Romance books that you just don't see.  I can't imagine that you won't be able to find something you are looking for at a very good price.
 I will be listing several times in December and the thread will wrap up in early January!   Invoices will be sent in early January, and no shipping will occur until that time. So even if you don't have enough cash right now, you have about 1 month to save up for your purchases. As always, payments will be due at the end of the thread. I will not be mailing books prior to that time. 
As always, Satisfaction is Guaranteed. If you don't like any book, you may return it for a full refund. 

Rules -  :take it: is king! I welcome reasonable offers by PM, but not 30 seconds after the book has been posted. And no editing of I'll Take its. If you click it, its yours. Please no conditional I'll take its. Just causes confusion. 
I'll take it is trumps over PM, unless deal has been completely agreed to by me. No probation listers. 
Payment - Paypal is the preferred method of payment, but I will accept checks or money orders. I also do time payments on purchases (combined or individual) of more than $500.00 but please contact me for terms PRIOR to dropping the takeit.gif.4000621d043fb630765a362297f5f448.gif. I prefer NOT to draw payments out more than a couple of months, and if you do time payments with me, you can't be buying other stuff on the boards, while I am waiting for your payment. And typically speaking, I don't do discounts and time payments together.
Shipping - I will ship worldwide. I use Fed Ex on large shipments and USPS Priority for everything else. USA Priority shipping begins at $8.00, and goes up from there. I do not use first class shipping for international. Priority mail is the only option, unless you clear it with me first.
Thanks for looking and get ready to grab some books!


Edited by Dale Roberts

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Here is your evening Recap! I believe this is up to date.

Page 2

Justice League #138  NM/NM+   $40    Smoking sharp Neal Adams book!

Marvel Team-Up #100   NM-   $40    1st Karma!

Iron Man #128   VG/F   $35    Classic Demon in a Bottle cover & story

Page 3

What If? #1   NM-    $40

Page 4

Fantasy Quarterly #1  NM    $120      1st appearance of Elfquest!

Showcase #55  F/VF   $200    1st SA Solomon Grundy!

Page 5

Amazing Spider-man #299   NM/NM+    $70      1st Venom in Costume!

X-Men #47   VF/NM    $65

Forever People #1   VF/NM   $200     1st full Darkseid!

Page 6

Captain America #117  Fine+  $125      1st Falcon

Page 7

Thor #147  VFNM   $50    Classic Loki vs Thor cover by Kirby!

Page 8

Adventure Comics #269    Fine+    $275     1st Aqualad! 

Page 9

Batman Book and Record set    Very nice, still shrinkwrapped!  Great Joker cover!  $40

Superman #156   VF-/VF  $65   Death of Superman cover & story, tons of guest stars, including the Legion

Legion of Super-Heroes #259  NM/NM+  $20    Superboy leaves the Legion!  Classic story

Page 10

Turok Son of Stone #130  NM+   $75     Super tough last issue!

Madame Xanadu #1   VF/NM   $15

Dark Mysteries #24  VG+  $50      last issue

Adventure Comics #369   VF/NM   $45     1st Mordru

Incredible Hulk Ann #6  NM-   $40      1st Paragon

Daredevil #81  Fine+   $35

Mad #24  Fine   $180      1st Magazine size issue! Overstreet guide $280

Page 11

Marvel Super Action #1  VF+  $90    early Punisher!

Page 12

Weird Mystery Tales #21    Fine+     $25     Classic Wrightson cover!  Tough book!

Page 13

New Gods #2    VF   $60    1st Darkseid cover!

Incredible Hulk #115   NM-   $60       Super nice book

Thor #152    VF     $25   (1 very small edge chip on bc keeps it out of 9.0)

Justice League #3 logo variant   NM-/NM  $90    Might improve with clean and press

Page 14

Detective #432   VFNM   $30    

Six Million Dollar Man #1   NM   $60

Page 15

Marvel Super-Heroes #13   Fine  $200   Nice looking mid grade

Page 16

Superman  Christmas record  $15   Neal Adams art

Page 17

Star Spangled War Stories #86  Fine/Fine+   $425     tough Mademoiselle Marie book

Detective #397   F/VF    $60     Classic Neal Adams cover and art

Page 18

Power Man #48    Fine  $25

GI Combat #87   F/VF    $1200    Brilliant colors, 1st appearance of the Haunted Tank,  Classic Heath grey tone cover

DC Special #3    VF-    $50     Neal Adams Bombshells cover!

Defenders #10   VF  $75    Classic Thor vs Hulk cover, looks nicer, but small tear on bc

Brave & the Bold #85    VF+   $175   White Pages!   1st New Green Arrow, Neal Adams cover and art

Page 19

Batman #197   Fine+    $60    Great Batgirl and Catwoman cover!  What a weird costume for Catwoman!

Page 20

Captain Marvel #25   VF+   $60   Sort of overlooked as a Thanos appearance. He is in 5 panels.

Showcase #31   VF-    $275  early Silver Age Aquaman book

Page 21

Werewolf by Night #37  NM-    $50     3rd Moon Knight

Our Love Story #5   VFNM   $180     Classic Steranko issue!

Captain Marvel #27  VF  $75      3rd full Thanos

Page 22

Bat Lash #1  VF  $35

Superman #276  NM-   $45    Classic Superman vs Captain Thunder cover and story! 

Incredible Hulk #161   VF+   $30    Nicer structure, but a hint of foxing

GS Hulk #1 VF  $20

Brave & Bold #80  VF   $45    Neal Adams cover and art!

Page 23

Iron Fist #15   VFNM   $60     Only time Wolverine wears the X-23 costume

Page 24

Green Lantern #11  VF+  $200

Daredevil #176   VFNM   $45     1st Stick! 

Justice League #143  NM   $25

Captain Marvel #18   Fine+   $60     Carol Danvers gets her powers

Page 25 

Heart Throbs #141  VF+   $35

Thor #174  VFNM  $35     Kirby goodness

Brave & the Bold #129  NM  $35    Mark Jewelers insert!  printers crease bc

Amazing Adventures #18  NM+   $90     Just an "amazing" book!  Neal Adams art

Our Love Story #7  F/VF  $35

Avengers #94  VF   $45    Adams art, Kree Skrull War

Page 26

Daredevil Annual #1   VF-   $35

Superman Power record  $25   Neal Adams art

Batman Power record $25    Not sure if this is Adams or Garcia Lopez, its very good either way

Page 28

House of Secrets #61   VG-   $95       1st Eclipso

Brave & Bold #85  Fine-  $50     1st New Green Arrow, Neal Adams cover and art

Captain America #180  VFNM   $50     1st Nomad!

Page 29

Jumbo Comics #159   VG/F  $70        Very nice except for small chip, tough later issue

Jo-Jo Comics #21   VG  $90

Moon Knight #1  NM+   $45   

Captain Atom #83   VF  $380     1st Ted Kord Blue Beetle

Page 30

Detective #411  VF+   $300       1st Talia

Incredible Hulk #126  VF   $45       1st Barbara Norriss who later becomes Valkyrie

Page 31

Flash #110  VG/F   $425      1st Kid Flash

Adventure Comics #346  Fine-   $50    1st appearance of Karate Kid, Princess Projectra, Ferro Lad

Brave & the Bold #130  NM-   $30   Joker and Two Face cover and story, Mark Jeweler insert

Spectacular Spider-man #1  VF/NM   $30

Wonder Woman #179   F/VF    $110    1st full New Wonder Woman

X-Men #7  VF   $325

Our Army at War #164   Fine+  $35   

Page 32

Captain Marvel #14  VF+  $30    Iron Man cover and story

Daredevil #168  VFNM  $150    1st Elektra

Page 33

Amazing Spider-man #110  VF+  $35

Brave & Bold #57  Fine+  $75       1st Metamorpho

Enchanting Love #1  VF   $250    Beautiful book and cover, Would be single highest graded copy

Iron Man #56   VF-   $20     Jim Starlin art

Superboy #98  Fine+   $50    1st Ultra Boy, at first glance, looks like a 9.0, but has a light stain at top of fc above the "B"

Amazing Adventures #1  Good   $75

What if? #7  NM+   $20      Spider-girl prototype

Iron Man #36  NM/NM+   $70

Daredevil #18   VF+   $90    1st Gladiator, light dust shadow on bc

Page 34

Justice League #37    VFNM   $125       Very pretty book, 1st SA Mr Terrific!

House of Mystery #224  VF   $25

Marvel Super-Heroes #13  Vg   $90      1st Carol Danvers

Mystery in Space #56   Fine-   $50    Atomic Eye cover and story, edge chips bc

Batman #165  VF+   $120     very nice issue

Fantastic Four #92   VF   $20

Avengers #66  VFNM    $75    1st Adamantium, this book is starting to pick up some steam, been under-rated for a long time

Page 35

Thor #132  NM-    1st Ego   $150

Superman #241   VF  $20   Classic Adams cover

Justice League #55  VF+   $70      1st Silver Age Earth 2 Robin!

Justice League #32   VF-    $50     1st Brainstorm!  Looks considerably better, but has a small tear at top left

Page 36

Romantic Marriage #1  F/VF   $120

the Atom #7  VF   $90    1st Atom Hawkman team up

Darling Romance #3   VG+  $30

Our Army at War #229  FVF    $20

Strange Worlds #1  Fa/Gd  $60     Ditko & Kirby

Page 37

Our Army at War #16  VG   $45


Edited by Dale Roberts

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To stay in compliance with board rules, here is one book.  SOLD TO Mad Titan

Invaders #1  VF+  - $18



Edited by Dale Roberts

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9 minutes ago, Mayor Mccheese said:

Yay! Any visual preview? :)

Check the announcement thread!

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Amazing Spider-man #53   F/VF   $35   SOLD TO *MATTERUS023**


Edited by Dale Roberts

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Daredevil #131   VG/F   $50       1st Bullseye!   SOLD!


Edited by Dale Roberts

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Just now, Dayzen said:

Golden age tonight like schomberg, cole?

Cole, no Schomburg tonight

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Just now, Dale Roberts said:

Cole, no Schomburg tonight

need some Cole for my stocking!


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Suzie Comics #95    VG/F   $40   SOLD!


Edited by Dale Roberts

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Just now, Dale Roberts said:

Cole, no Schomburg tonight

Great, I better get the bourbon ready. Might be a long night 

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Just now, Dale Roberts said:

Suzie Comics #95    VG/F   $40



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3 minutes ago, Dale Roberts said:

Amazing Spider-man #53   F/VF   $35   



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